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A day in the life of a Pega intern

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Authors Jade Dominguez and Paige Wright both participate in Pega’s internship program. To help celebrate National Intern Day, they’ve asked fellow interns to share their thoughts on what it’s like to work at Pega.

Curious what a day in the life of a Pega intern is like? We spoke to three different Pega interns – Grace, Daniel, and Cristal. Grace is currently studying Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Daniel is studying Business Administration at Babson College, and Cristal studied Investment Operations through the Year Up program.

This is what they each had to say about their #PegaInterns experience:

Grace: Software Engineer Intern

What kind of technology are you working on at Pega, and how is this shaping your future career decisions?

I spend most of my time creating, applying, and testing Gradle plugins using Groovy. Through these projects, I work a lot with Jenkins, Docker, and database queries. The DevOps team that I work on also fixes bugs and supports the other developers when they run into issues.

All the technology that I'm working on is technology that I've heard about but never actually had the chance to work with! So I’m excited to get my hands-on experience at Pega. I have a lot of projects at school, and my professors are all talking about implementing the technology I’m being exposed to. This internship gives me the chance to explore and bring back the skills I’m learning!

What do you find most interesting about Pega technology in general?

It’s been kind of cool to watch the genesis of an important project that I’m working on for Pega clients. My department really started planning and creating things around the time that I started working, so I’ve been able to see it from the very beginning. It’s interesting to see all the planning and decision-making that is required to get a new, large project off the ground.

What is one area of your internship that you feel differs from any of your other experiences?

The best part about this internship is how integrated I am with my team. They know what I'm working on and they collaborate with me. I feel like my work matters – I wasn't given a random assignment that may or may not get used in the future. The projects I work on are relevant to Pega, and it feels like I’m getting almost a taste of what it’s like to be a full-time employee!

Daniel: Scrum Master Intern

What drove your interest in becoming a Scrum Master Intern?

I have concentrations in Operations Management and TED (Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design). As someone who has previously only worked with physical products, I have no operations experience within software or tech. So, I thought this internship would be a cool way to fill that gap, especially since this is the only Scrum Master internship I’ve ever seen.

What do you like the most about working in Pega’s DevOps department?

I think it's the flexibility and sense of ownership above anything else. My mentor and individuals in my department showed me what to do, and I got to watch for a week or two. Then they let me become a Scrum Master for a team, even though there are still things I have yet to learn. I really love the chance to see how we function and how we constantly try to adapt to make change.

I also like that we're not a rough, rigid culture where you can't talk to people and you have to send sophisticated messages. For example, I have direct access to superiors who are three levels above me, and they welcome that open environment because it’s most efficient. That's the inclusive culture that we have, where we can just be people on the same level.

What is your best memory at Pega so far?

I would say it's having my first chance to run retros. The opportunity to unearth issues and bring out solutions by taking what I learn from my mentor, bringing in my own perspectives and ideas, and facilitating for my team is really cool.

Cristal: Commercial Operations Specialist

What is the Year Up program and why did you join?

Year Up is a program for people ages 18 to 24 with a high school diploma or GED. The program enhances your professional, technical, and soft skills to enable you to thrive in the corporate world.

I joined Year Up because I thought it was the best opportunity I had to advance myself. As a single mother, I had to find stability somehow, and I felt that the Year Up program gave me hope that I would be able to create that for myself.

How is Pega supporting your professional development?

Pega supports my professional development so much. They care about me as an employee. They check up on me frequently and care how I’m doing and how I’m growing. It assures me that I’m valued, and I really do feel like I’m part of the team. The more empowered I feel, the more I want to work for them, do better, and be committed to my job.

What do you enjoy most about working at Pega?

I like Pega’s innovation. I see a lot of potential growth with the company and that gets me excited to be more involved. I also like the people. They were really patient with me in the beginning of my internship. They answered all my questions and never made me feel like I was bothering them. I never felt judged for being the intern in the group.

Finally, what is your advice to any future Pega interns?

Grace: My best advice is to participate as much as possible. The more you put in, the more you get out. Don’t be afraid talk to other people. There are a lot of friendly people in Pega, and I've met a lot of people from different teams. Talking to them helped me see the breadth of what Pega can do.

Daniel: Take charge to connect with people and make yourself heard. Be that person to learn and openly say, “I don't know what else to do.” You could turn it into an experience for you, and that can turn into something that the department has to do better or something that your boss can learn from.

Cristal: Asking questions is so important. It shows people that you are interested and engaged. It also gives you the answers that you need to do your job. If you don't get those answers, you're going to do your job wrong.

Be an intern at Pega!

At Pega we offer a variety of year-round college internships in Engineering, Product, HR, Marketing, UX/UI, Sales, and more. Pega also partners with Year Up, a program that enables young adults to gain professional experience before deciding to continue their education or enter the workforce. All Pega interns have the opportunity to network with senior level executives, complete different technical and professional certifications, and attend fun events – like a summer BBQ or team outings. Check out our listings of available internships, which are updated frequently, or email for more information.

We’re on a mission to connect, engage, and empower people. Visit Careers at Pega for a full listing of available opportunities around the globe, and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Glassdoor.