Cloud Your Way

"Customer adoption of cloud technologies is governed by their need and the technical and business benefits that each cloud deployment option provides."

At our recent Pegaworld, we had the opportunity to hear from several Pega customers who are approaching the Cloud in very different ways during a panel discussion. These differences highlight that there is not one clear winner among the types of clouds available – public cloud, private cloud, a vendor’s cloud, on premise or a hybrid approach.

Customer adoption of cloud technologies is governed by their need and the technical and business benefits that each cloud deployment option provides. These choices need to be viewed as only temporary in response to the dynamic nature of business, where needs evolve over time. When changes are needed to adapt to shifting market conditions, customers require a responsive service provider that provides both timely and flexible solutions.

The demands of companies spanning the regulated and unregulated industries can be accommodated by the range of available cloud options, because the commonalities of data security, cost savings and agility are being provided. Here are some examples:

A large healthcare company built a strategic order management system using Pega and deployed it on premise. This system manages the ordering of approximately 4000 products through integrating with all of its order systems. A new corporate Cloud-first initiative to streamline operations, shift towards operating expense (OpEx) and leverage cloud computing drove this customer to move their heavily integrated solution to the Pega Cloud service. The same app deployed on premise now runs as-a-service on Pega Cloud, still integrated to their on premise systems via a private VPN.

In the unregulated space, a global provider of print and media solutions needed to develop a solution that would optimize their billing system. They adopted a pure Cloud deployment model, with secured web services for integration, which in turn enabled a 12 week project from start to production. What started off as a hedge in their first investment in Pega technology and Cloud services has transformed into a successful solution has allowed them to realize significant savings that has won over a team that usually manages their own infrastructure.

Finally, a large networking company that is delivering several critical applications built on the Pega platform leveraged its core competency in Cloud computing to deploy Pega within thieir own internal Cloud. These solutions have driven great benefits as part of the company’s transformational digital journey and their project to enable a Digital Agent across their customer support organization.

Each of these customer examples help articulate the range of industries as well as solutions that can be supported through various Cloud deployment patterns. It also highlights the flexibility needed to address the customer needs of today as well as the needs of tomorrow.