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Pega for Government

Modernize your organization and transform the constituent experience.

Modernize the Child Welfare Journey

Drive innovation. Make an impact.

Nothing is more important to your organization than ensuring child safety and empowering your employees to assist healthy, happy families. But existing technology often gets in the way. Your employees are committed, but without the right tools, they can’t protect the most vulnerable populations, make smart decisions, and support family stability.

Pega’s AI-driven, automated solutions are designed to empower service delivery, with unified case management and business process management capabilities, to make it easy for your case workers to get work done. Deploy Pega modularly, so you start quickly and get value immediately, while meeting constantly changing policy and program needs. Leverage the power of your agency’s data to anticipate the needs of children to have a complete picture of each set family’s circumstances.

Your technology should give your compassionate, dedicated employees the right tools to protect children and families. We can help make that happen.

Pega for Child Welfare

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Pega for Child Welfare

The Pega for Child Welfare solution is built to empower child welfare agencies to drive seamless service delivery across intake, investigations, case planning, and placements.

Pega for Government Healthcare

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Pega for Government Healthcare

The Pega Healthcare for Government solution is a fully integrated, unified government platform that empowers innovative government healthcare programs in an agile, modular fashion.

Streamline Eligibility & Benefits Management

Stay agile. Stay current. Stay effective.

Program rules and policy constantly change, but your fundamental mission doesn’t. When people’s well-being and security is on the line, you can’t waste time struggling with outdated applications that don’t meet today’s legislative and programmatic requirements.

Pega’s world-class Customer Service offering drives seamless, personalized beneficiary interactions, while Pega’s flexible, agile platform empowers case workers with insight and collaborative case management tools. We help you to keep up with a rapidly changing world – and stay a step ahead. Our industry-leading customer relationship management, case management, and digital automation lets case workers take the next best action and deliver the right service at the right time, so you can be there for the most vulnerable populations when they need you most.

Provide Personalized, Omni-Channel Service

Deliver more than constituents expect

Do you dream of providing proactive service as flawless as any retailer’s? Want to know constituents well enough to predict what they need before they need it, and then engage with them seamlessly in person and online?

With Pega, you can deliver consistent, world-class service everywhere. Online. In an app. On the phone. On new channels that don’t even exist yet. Our next-gen service application goes beyond a 360-degree view to deliver AI-driven insights that can be applied in the moment on any channel. A unified automation engine streamlines and simplifies interactions, so your constituents will feel like they’re dealing with their favorite brand, not government red tape. That’s the kind of personalized, end-to-end service that really improves lives.

Agile, model-driven, no code.

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Pega for Integrated Eligibility

The Pega for Integrated Eligibility and Benefits Management solution is a unified government platform empowering human services agencies to build in an agile, modular fashion.

Best practices for investigative case management

Pega and Accenture Federal Services’ webinar explains how to use the power of case management to empower agents and agencies.

Automate Investigation Lifecycles

Smarter, safer investigations, every time

When it comes to investigations, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. From child welfare to fraud investigations to safety, you need technology tailored to your unique needs and priorities.

That means keeping your investigators compliant with ever-changing regulations, while also providing them with fast and flexible geospatial integration so they’re able to quickly capture information anytime, anywhere. In other words, you need an integrated application that visualizes the full lifecycle of an investigation from end to end.

At Pega, we built our solution to help you streamline all kinds of investigations. A smart data layer pulls information together, rules and analytics recommend actions and enforce guidelines, and a unified engine harnesses powerful end-to-end automation. Plus, everything in Pega is audited, so you keep a clear record of how your investigatory team ties all the pieces together.

Achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence

Automate without breaking what works

You can’t respond to constituent needs and collaborate with other agencies if your own systems don’t talk to each other. Disparate and disconnected point solutions may be fine on their own, but they won’t give you the mobility and flexibility required to succeed in today’s interconnected world.

The good news? You don’t need to rip everything out and start over. Instead, think end to end. According to McKinsey, the best automation strategies start by “taking an end-to-end view of the outcome needed,” and applying the right automation technology to the right problem.

Pega is the industry’s only unified digital process automation platform, with robotics, process automation, and case management together in a unified architecture. We build in powerful decision analytics, so you’ve got everything required to automate any process while keeping the good systems that your agency uses to serve constituents. So you’ll get the outcomes you want with the efficiency and accuracy you need.

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Modernize and transform the constituent experience

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