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Case Study

GE Healthcare transformation supports compliance and process management

  • Standardized vocabulary across processes
  • Simplified change control and process integration
  • Provided end-to-end product lifecycle visibility

“We joined silos across supply chain, engineering, regulatory, commercial, etc... with Pega.”

Lucas de Fabry Program Manager, Product Identity, GE Healthcare

The Business Issue

To better respond to changing worldwide medical device regulations, leading medical technology and services company, GE Healthcare (GEHC), looked to replace their deeply siloed processes, from first design through product end-of-life.

GEHC envisioned a Product Controllership Leadership (PCL) application to enable product groups to request and approve the creation or update of PC-compliant items and data structures. PCL would offer administrative case escalation within teams, a more refined case ownership, and oversight of the entire product lifecycle.

The Solution

GEHC selected the Pega Platform™, using dynamic case management to eliminate data silos and increase process visibility and accountability.

Pega imported GEHC’s legacy data into the application from the Master System, creating a foundation for standardizing and managing tasks in each step of a product’s lifecycle. Normalizing those tasks cut implementation time and enabled detailed escalation paths.

Pega Dynamic Case Management integrated external systems into internal workflows, simplifying system administration and providing valuable real-time analytics previously unavailable to GEHC.

The Results

The PCL app streamlines lifecycle process administration and provides views into process ownership by product, region, and function, which offers the company a higher level of accountability. The new, intuitive user interface makes creating and observing structures easier, and reduces user training requirements. Additional results include:

  • Identified workflow refinement needs with real-time analytics
  • Enabled cross-functional change orchestration
  • Identified and resolved defects with real-time metrics
  • Improved efficiencies through detailed case escalation

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