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Case Study

Coca-Cola mobilizes merchandising, routing, and scheduling with Pega

  • Suffered from manual workarounds and incompatible merchandising platform

  • Moved to intelligent management of end-to-end beverage distribution

  • Event-driven, adaptive mobile merchandising

“We want to be really connected to our remote workforce because that’s our front line… any ability we can put in the hands of these people, these great resources, makes their lives a lot easier.”

Former Chief Technology Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

The Business Issue

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the United States.

With a rapidly expanding business, CCBCC’s hard-to-maintain, aging merchandising solution strained to keep up. Because the old system lacked scalability, the company relied on manual workarounds to address incompatibilities and incorporate new business.

CCBCC couldn’t look to traditional technologies to deliver business information. The new platform would have to center on powerful mobile connectivity to serve a predominantly mobile workforce.

The company’s all-important field employees needed an intuitive solution with real-time responsiveness, collaboration capabilities, and connectivity. CCBCC hoped that these elements would transform the field experience – and provide greater efficiencies, higher value, and growth.

The Solution

The Pega solution delivered a complete field service platform. Using Pega Cloud® and Pega Field Service™ modules, CCBCC can better manage data and logistics related to chains, outlets, routes, and schedules. And mileage approval and reimbursements are fully integrated with payroll.

Pega’s device-agnostic user interface is intuitive and designed for the future. CCBCC can quickly and easily design, build, deploy, and manage upgrades to mobile merchandising and timekeeping applications.

Using a web-based console, managers at headquarters can communicate in real-time with their field staff. Merchandisers can get the most efficient use of their smartphones - making their jobs easier than ever, anywhere on the road.

The Results

With better business intelligence and smart, dynamic scheduling, CCBCC reaped dividends in increased productivity, cost savings, and real-time responsiveness. The company has:

  • Saved $2.25 million in fuel charges in the first year alone
  • Saved $2.5 million annually in telecommunications
  • Reduced mileage reimbursement by $5 million a year

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