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Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a Pega Gold partner with a long standing global strategic relationship since 2003, well-poised to serve clients with experience gained from hundreds of successful project implementations across various industries globally.

Through innovative solutions built on the Pega Platform, Tech Mahindra has successfully transformed business processes and delivered value for clients across Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Technology, Oil & Gas and other industries.

Tech Mahindra has deep expertise in delivering Pega solutions as well as helping organizations start small and scale fast on business initiatives leveraging Pega technology. Tech Mahindra and Pega collaborate on multiple levels – from proactively developing go to market industry solutions to ensuring success on customer engagements.

Customer Success

Partnering for Client Success at Navistar

Hear Navistar’s success with Pega technology implemented by Tech Mahindra for warranty management. Navistar now communicates more effectively with a greater number of suppliers to resolve quality issues quickly. Tech Mahindra delivered value rapidly to Navistar due to their experience in manufacturing processes combined with their Pega expertise and the technology’s flexibility.

Expertise and Insights

Customer Centricity With Pega Partner Mahindra Satyam: Anup Kumar

Learn how Tech Mahindra can help your organization reap tangible results from the powerful combination of Pega industry-leading technology innovation and top-tier industry solution offerings.

Customer Centricity With Pega Partner Mahindra Satyam: Lakshmanan Chidambaram

Learn how Tech Mahindra can help your organization reap tangible results from the powerful combination of Pega industry-leading technology innovation and top-tier industry solution offerings.

Solutions We've Built

Production Ramp Readiness

As you restart or accelerate manufacturing operations, there are unprecedented obligations to address. You must care for the health and safety of your workforce and secure regulatory approvals by locale before you can ramp up production through staged returns of employees and contractors. This process can’t be effectively managed at industrial scale with spreadsheets and emails. Delivered with Pega, this solution helps you:

  • Orchestrate the relaunch of operations and production
  • Promote collaboration across silos with end-to-end visibility
  • Address variances in local operating policies and regulations across sites
  • Extend for business contingency and stabilization

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Captive Finance Preemptive Servicing Automation

Captive and asset finance organizations are making payment concessions and accommodations to support customers in financial distress. But an unprecedented wave of servicing volumes has contact centers and back offices overwhelmed. Delivered with Pega, this solution helps captive rapidly extend existing capabilities to:

  • Enable self-service to mitigate call and email volumes
  • Automate payment concessions like delaying principal or interest, waiving late fees, and adjusting interest rates or terms
  • Address regulations across jurisdictions and risk factors for recovery
  • Infuse empathy into collections
  • Accelerate business stabilization

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Part & Warranty Traceability Value Chain

Get end-to-end visibility into warranty management while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Tech Mahindra partnered with Pega and Samsung SDS to build a solution using the Pega Platform™, Pega Warranty™ and Samsung Nexledger™ Universal blockchain technology. This application secures the supply chain and provides track-and-trace capabilities for parts and product warranty.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Reinvent your CRM

This is Tech Mahindra’s offering for customers to maximize the value of their CRM investments by leveraging Pega’s Adaptive BPM capabilities and complementing it with Best-In-Class sales and customer data insight from Sales Force. Pega and Salesforce.com co-exist and work in unison to provide a seamless and effective process execution.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Large Capital Fulfilment System

This is a Tech Mahindra solution for enterprises to manage their complex processes for Lead generation through Order management to Fulfillment. It features a fully configurable portal with built-in capabilities for project planning and management, routing, SLA management, exception handling and with the existing application landscape and other business systems.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Social Media for a Smarter Enterprise

Tech Mahindra’s comprehensive Social Media framework combines the best-in-class tools to create a solution to improve customer engagement. The solution provides a rules-based adaptable verticalized taxonomy for efficient categorization and assignment that helps prioritize action through consistent, highly accurate categorization and interpretation of comments for quick response to critical issues.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Partner Onboarding

This is a Tech Mahindra solution for Healthcare payers on Pega platform to accelerate their Partner Onboarding in tune with healthcare reforms. The solution helps slashing onboarding timelines, administrative expenses and minimizes healthcare fraud across Partner Community of Providers, Agents and Brokers.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

Supply Chain Management

Tech Mahindra’s integrated platform enables collaboration across the entire network, from suppliers to customers, for better visibility, optimization and analytics to improve the customer service level.

Contact: pegamarketing@techmahindra.com

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