Contract Management

Energy companies are looking to streamline outdated processes across the business to cut costs and increase productivity. Oil and Gas companies manage many contracts and reducing the time required to establish and manage ongoing updates to contracts is a key target area for improvement. Inflexible ERP systems with multiple integration points are too slow and cumbersome to affect reducing contract cycle time. Organizations need full visibility into contracting processes, and poorly integrated point solutions, siloed, contract content systems, and aging homegrown systems are roadblocks to a leaner process. On top of that, the need to comply with continuously shifting global and local policies required the ability to reuse and constantly update the processes. An inevitable patchwork of automated and manual workarounds can further erode productivity.

Pega Delivers a Faster and More Effective Way to Transform Your Legacy Systems

Pega delivers a unified, strategic application development platform that empowers oil & gas companies to leverage the increased pace of change across today's energy landscape into a competitive advantage. Pega helps increase efficiency while lowering cost and risk.

Whether you are looking to improve operations, increase returns from existing assets, track costs more accurately or extend the functionality of your SAP system, Pega supports these efforts by providing the right information to the right person at the right time. Pega allows you to transform isolated, siloed functional organizations and manual processes into an integrated, high velocity, automated business solution across the value chain.

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