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Learn more about key concepts animating Pega's Build for Change® philosophy and how we are charting a new vision for enterprise software in the digital age.

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Next Best Action

The real value from Big Data and analytics comes when every customer conversation delivers exactly the right message, the right offer, and the right level of service to both give the customer a great experience and maximize the customer’s value to the organization.

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Robotic Automation & Intelligence

Pega’s Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence suite delivers rapid value to organizations by discovering and automating the manual tasks that impede employee productivity, impact the customer experience, and increase processing costs.

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Case Lifecycle Management

Rather than drawing an end-to-end process, Pega 7 provides tools for business people to define the major steps of how work gets done – essentially building the skeleton on which you hang the more detailed process.

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A New Era of Customer Engagement

Pega provides an always-on, digital customer brain that allows you to put your customer squarely in the center of your business across marketing, sales and service interactions. Powered by predictive analytics and AI, this brain senses your customers’ moments of need, and allows you to reach out with real-time relevance. The result is genuine engagement that delights your customers and drives your bottom line.

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Live Data

Pega Live Data allows users to quickly and easily define the data required to build the apps they need, and then access that data in their running application – all without having to worry about how and where the data is actually stored and accessed.

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Directly Capture Objectives

With Pega 7, you capture the policies and procedures that define your business – including rules, data models, UIs, integrations, reports, and organizational structures – in the model. Pega 7 automates the code generation. As the requirements change, a change in the model equates to an immediate system change.

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Omni-Channel UX

Pega’s Omni-Channel UX delivers an optimized and consistent user experience in every channel. Beautiful interfaces can be designed and changed without code and deployed automatically across channels and devices. Customer context is stored centrally and retrieved automatically, even when a customer switches between channels.

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Event Strategy Manager

Pega's Event Strategy Manager gives you the tools you need to turn streams of customer data into valuable business decisions and actions. With the ability to test, simulate, monitor, and deploy changes immediately, you have the agility to optimize your strategies and actions on the fly.

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Paid Media & Next Best Action

Paid campaigns are often very generic, showcasing ads that don’t match the customer’s situation, showing products they may have already bought, or trying to upsell a customer that you should instead focus on retaining. Pega Marketing changes the game – and enables you to execute Paid Media campaigns with the same targeted, precise, and customer-centric strategies you apply across all your other touchpoints.

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Intelligent Guided Selling

Sales organizations can’t overcome their challenges with traditional CRM and Sales Force Automation systems because they are no more than manager-centric, customer record management systems. Leveraging next generation prescriptive analytics and focusing on sellers, Pega Sales Automation optimizes sales volume, value and velocity, and frees reps from administrative burden.

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Situational Layer Cake

Situational Layer Cake™ (SLC) architecture enables organizations to differentiate, specialize, and reuse their business applications. Pilot projects can grow into enterprise transformation programs overnight. Instant reuse dramatically accelerates the time to value for organizations seeking to be more agile in response to changing market and regulatory demands.

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Delivery Methodology

Adopting an iterative development methodology allows customers to realize their business benefits sooner, reduce project risk and increase their visibility into project progress. Pega made the switch to Scrum in 2009 and recommends that all our customer implementations follow an Agile approach.

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Traditional service or API-based architectures result in hard-coding the UX logic into each channel independently. Process changes must therefore be made in multiple places, making it impossible to deliver a consistent customer experience. By embedding the Pega UX directly into the mobile or web channels, all of the intelligence and capability of Pega 7’s Case Management is brought directly to the customer touchpoint.

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Cloud Choice, Not Cloud Lock-In

Organizations need to be flexible in how they deploy and operationalize their strategic applications. The speed of business requires cloud-architected software as part of a digital transformation but one type of solution will not work for all businesses. Pega Cloud adds value and provides flexibility in choice: private cloud, hybrid cloud, or all cloud.

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Unified Platform

Most enterprise software platforms are “Frankenstacks” that stitch together disparate technologies behind a common portal and branding. Pega’s unified platform delivers industry-leading case management, BPM, robotic automation, AI and decisioning, mobile, and omni-channel UX in a single engine.

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The "T" Approach

Pega has helped many large organizations drive successful, transformational programs by leveraging a unique approach that we call the “T”. The “T approach” helps to organize large scale programs into small increments of capability that can be deployed quickly and incrementally, beginning with the rapid implementation of an initial case management, command and control foundation layer. The “T approach” provides a roadmap to help organizations know where to begin their transformation journey and then stay the course, until the goals and vision are realized.