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Business Process Management Systems

What is a Business Process Management System?

A Business Process Management System should increase efficiency, performance, and agility in the day-to-day operations of a business. BPM systems have been widely adopted by leading organizations, and can increase your business’s productivity, agility, and profitability. A U.S. pharmacy benefit management company would use a business process management system to bring systems in line with new healthcare laws, as well as eliminate fraud, abuse, and waste to safeguard their members’ health information.

Case lifecycle management

Learn how Pega's case lifecycle management becomes a canvas for IT and business operations to collaborate.

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Analyst Report

Gartner iBPMS MQ 2017

For 11th straight report, Pegasystems was cited as a leader and is positioned furthest to the right in Vision amongst 19 vendors evaluated.

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Learn how Cisco is succeeding at digital transformation by embracing both BPM and DPA.

BPM system checklist

Companies looking for an effective business process management system should consider the following:

Process agility: Review the system’s support for agility in both process creation (the ability to easily and rapidly update processes) and process execution (the ability to optimize process execution in real-time).

Rule capabilities: The intelligence behind business process management systems is in the development and automated application of business rules. An effective system features powerful and flexible business rules capabilities.

Performance and scalability: If your business is large and geographically dispersed, make sure the business process management system is engineered to perform at enterprise scale.

Time-to-value: The BPM system should have capabilities and features that enable you to rapidly deploy the system and start reaping business benefits.

Industry leadership: The technology behind BPM is complex and continually advancing. To ensure that you’re getting the best that this technology has to offer, look for a business process management system provider that has consistently held a position of industry leadership.

Pega’s industry-leading business process management

Pegasystems is a leading provider of business process management (BPM) systems and customer relationship management solutions.

Pega BPM enables you to update your business processes easily and rapidly. It empowers business users to play a major role in process creation and refinement, which means process improvement efforts aren’t bottlenecked in over-loaded IT departments. Pega BPM also supports real-time optimization of process execution, leveraging a powerful business event-processing engine that can trigger interactive or automated process adjustments.

Pega BPM supports more types of rules and executes them more efficiently than competing business process management systems. Pega’s software is built to perform at enterprise scale, and delivers rapid time-to-value to our customers by ensuring that our BPM platform can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, for business process outsourcing providers, Pega offers efficiency-driving BPO software and BPO solutions.

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