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iBPMS with intelligent automation at the core

Successful intelligent automation requires managing systems, people, and bots across channels. Learn how Pega drives outcomes with our award-winning iBPMS.

How Pega does iBPMS

iBPMS is at the core of Pega. Pega is uniquely able to address business outcomes at scale by using intelligent automation, including business rules, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics to unify business processes and customer journeys from end to end. Pega’s visually-driven, low-code development environment fosters collaboration between business and IT, enabling quick development of applications, faster time to value, and reduced development costs.

Pega offers the full toolkit of iBPMS capabilities, employing a unique Center-out™ approach to target one process at a time.

Case management

Manage all the processes and tasks needed to achieve business outcomes.

Low-code application development

Stay ahead of the curve and build faster with our low-code factory approach that encourages collaboration and delivers quick wins.

Robotic process automation

Achieve last-mile legacy application automation with a unique RPA approach that scales.

AI and NLP

Natural language processing (NLP) is embedded in the Pega Platform™, enabling software to understand human language and make better automated decisions.

What is iBPMS?

Intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS) are a type of low-code application development platform that enables cohesive execution of business processes. iBPMS is a model-driven approach that uses business rules to tie together the systems, applications, data, people, bots, and AI decisions required to get to a business outcome. Ideally, iBPMS fosters business and IT collaboration.

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Customer Success Story

Siemens improves efficiency by more than 80%

Siemens is addressing the complexity of digital transformation for a global enterprise by uniting 12 workflow systems on Pega’s unified platform. Since standardizing on Pega, Siemens has been driving global, end-to-end digitization from a central point, customizing for country- and business-specific needs.

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Ready to achieve more?

Get the complete toolkit for iBPMS, from a long-time industry leader that continues to solve the toughest business problems for the world’s largest organizations.

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