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Workflow management

Pegasystems delivers agile, end-to-end workflow management

In an effort to compete more effectively in today’s demanding marketplace, many organizations are striving to optimize their internal workflows. Looking to deliver high quality products and services while holding down costs, leading companies in industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, communications, and manufacturing turn to Pegasystems for workflow management software solutions. Pega solutions support comprehensive enterprise workflow management with a much greater degree of agility than competing solutions allow.

Directly capture objectives (DCO)

Capture the policies and procedures that define your business – including rules, data models, UIs, integrations, reports, and organizational structures.

Cisco: Digitally transforming in a rapidly changing world

Learn how Cisco is succeeding at digital transformation by embracing both BPM and DPA.

End-to-end workflow management

Pegasystems’ industry-leading business process management (BPM) platform supports all facets of enterprise workflow management including:

  • Getting the work to the right person. Pega process management software delivers robust functionality for routing management, to match the work item with the most suitable resource; queue management, to prioritize and move items into and out of queues; and role management, to catalog the organization’s inventory of roles and skills.
  • Providing context for the work. Pega BPM’s case management functionality breaks down information silos and ensures the seamless integration and presentation of all information relevant to a work item. Pega BPM-based workflow management also automatically attaches relevant service level agreement conditions to work items, setting clear deadlines, escalation paths, and corrective actions in the event that service level targets are missed.
  • Guiding the execution of the work. With Pega BPM, workers are guided through task execution and provided the right information at the right time within the business workflow.

Workflow management agility

Pegasystems is the clear BPM market leader, with sales growing at twice the overall industry rate and consistent top rankings from major analysts. We’re the BPM leaders in large part because more than any other solution provider, we empower organizations to change intelligently and rapidly:

  • Business users drive business change. With Pega BPM, business stakeholders use an intuitive interface to define business rules and workflow management models, and Pegasystems’ innovative Build for Change® technology then automatically completes the programming necessary to turn rules and models into executable applications. New business goals become new processes and procedures more quickly than ever before.
  • Business rules as smart as your business. Pega BPM features the most sophisticated and powerful business rules platform on the market, so your business rules and rules-driven processes can capture all the intelligence that your organization can deliver.
  • Best practices frameworks. Pega BPM helps jump-start your workflow management initiative with industry-specific solution frameworks for financial services, communications, insurance, health care, and more. Incorporating industry best practices, Pega solution frameworks feature industry-appropriate data models, role definitions, workflows, business rules, and user interface templates.


Innovative and agile, and driven by the industry’s most powerful business rules engine, Pega BPM is the ideal platform for business transformation initiatives, continuous process improvement programs, or solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of specific operations.

Learn more about Pega BPM.

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