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Business rules

Smart BPM requires smart business rules

Today’s leading enterprises want “intelligent” business process management platforms that can thrive in complex, highly dynamic operational environments. A smart process management solution, however, can only be as smart as its business rules capabilities. In a sense, business rules comprise the intellect of a BPM system. In order for processes to be automated, an organization’s goals, policies, and procedures must be translated into a set of business rules that can be applied to individual events and interactions. The more sophisticated the business rules capability, the farther will be the reach of your BPM system.

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Pegasystems is the business rules leader

Founded nearly three decades ago by a pioneer of computerized chess play, Pegasystems has long been at the cutting edge of business rules logic and automated decisioning. Sophisticated, high-performance business rules capabilities are at the core of our BPM platform as well as our industry-specific business process solutions. The dynamic intelligence of our business process management technologies has led major analysts to consistently rate Pegasystems as the BPM industry leader. Eight of the top ten global banks use our business rules-based process management solutions, as do seven of the top ten insurance companies and four of the top five health insurance payers.

Pegasystems’ business rules platform supports an unmatched variety of rule types, so that business rule creators aren’t left trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Included among the dozens of rule types powered by Pegasystems technology are:

  • Process rules that automate the routing, assignment, and tracking of work tasks.
  • Decisioning rules of varied types including decision trees, decision maps, and decision tables.
  • Declarative rules that compute values or enforce constraints as other properties change.
  • Transformation rules that map and parse data across heterogeneous IT systems.
  • Integration rules that determine the right system connection to make in each circumstance.

Along with an unparalleled degree of rules sophistication that allows organizations to more fully capture and automate their processes and practices, Pegasystems business rules technology is also distinguished by its ease of use. Intuitive HTML rule forms enable business users to easily build and manage business rules, while the system enforces a role-based user privilege structure and auto-generates a secure audit trail and versioned release notes.

Pegasystems’ BPM suite provides all the design and development capabilities that your organization needs to achieve a bottom-line boosting business transformation, ranging from user-friendly business process modeling and business process mapping utilities to an efficient and powerful object-oriented development environment.

In addition to our BPM suite with its tightly integrated business rules capabilities, Pegasystems also offers an independent business rules engine that can power a higher order of business logic for your existing mission-critical business applications.

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