Copertura stampa


Copertura stampa

Per dire che facciamo notizia e riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le più grandi aziende del mondo a costruire applicazioni in un'ottica di evoluzione.

Jan 18 2018
Martech Advisor

In this video, Tom Libretto discusses digital transformation, driving engagement, and more.

Jan 18 2018
CMS Wire

Pega's Jeff Nicholson explores how GDPR will impact businesses.

Jan 10 2018
CIO Australia

Insights on AI's 'black box' from Pega's Rob Walker.

Jan 04 2018

Pega CMO Tom Libretto discusses tech and marketing landscape evolution in video interview.

Jan 03 2018
MarTech Advisor

Jeff Nicholson of Pega provides insight into what companies should expect from CRM vendors.

Jan 02 2018

Pega's Don Schuerman previews customer experience questions and trends for the New Year.

Dec 29 2017
Information Age

Pega's Peter Ford asks what 2018 holds for the UK public sector

Dec 29 2017
TechTarget - SearchCRM

Pega's Matt Nolan discusses consolidating and operationalizing AI for customer engagement.

Dec 27 2017

How IoT is driving upheavals in the traditional insurance industry

Dec 26 2017

Georges Anadjar explains how to use GDPR to improve customer relationships