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Cobertura en los Medios

Decir que es de interés es una sutileza. Nuestras soluciones líderes de la industria ayudan a las empresas más grandes del mundo a desarrollar aplicaciones diseñadas para el futuro.

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| Fast Company

Leadership lessons from a chess master: Beware overconfidence

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| Nasdaq

Pegasystems Inc. Rings the Opening Bell

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| CNBC Squawk Alley

Pegasystems founder on growth in digital transformation

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TM Forum

| TMForum

Pega's Kevin Billings, explains how TM Forum’s Open APIs are making it easier for Pegasystems to quickly solve CSPs’ business problems and also speed up integration with its partners.

| Finextra

Pega's Steve Morgan explain's how banks can use AI to help customers through tough financial times.
IT Wire


The NSW Government is using Pega to digitize its paper-based building bond management process system.
Trend Report

| Trend Report

Pega's Florian Binder’ shares his perspective on the limits of no-code, low-code, and how to enable cross-departmental collaboration to create real enterprise applications.
Tech Gig

| Tech Gig

Pega's Suman Reddy discusses the key aspects of being a successful developer in today’s world and the popularity of low-code and no-code in India.

| Express

Pega's Peter van der Putten is quoted talking about the National AI Strategy and the maturation of AI technology.
Destination CRM

| Destination CRM

Pega's Jeff Nicholson shares his thoughts on why the most successful companies use predictive analyses of customer data to respond proactively to customer needs and expectations.
IT Daily

| IT-Daily

Pega's Frank Wischerhoff’s explain's why digitalization needs to be a priority in the public sector.

| Martech

Matthew Camuso discusses how marketers can improve their strategy and the customer experience.
Digitale Welt

| Digitale Welt

Florian Lauck-Wunderlich gives his thoughts on the influence of human biases on algorithms.
IT Matchmaker

| IT Matchmaker

Pega's Florian Lauck-Wunderlich shares five steps to the fair use of AI.
Inside Big Data

| Inside Big Data

Anthony Abdulla’ explains why low-code is crucial for digital transformation.
Destination CRM

| Destination CRM

Matt Nolan's explains how marketers can better implement artificial intelligence to deliver optimal interactions to their customers every time.
Federal News Network

| Federal News Network

Federal News Network discussed how the IRS is migrating business processes to a cloud-based enterprise case management system developed by Pega.
Rocking Robots

| Rocking Robots

Pega's Pete Wilson suggests how the NHS can use RPA more aggressively, use integrated systems, and use the benefits of artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to reduce winter COVID-19...
Com! Professional

| com! Professional

Pega's Florian Weber writes an article on the development of low code.
Business Daily Media

| Business Daily Media

Pega's Andrew Brown uses Australian local statistics from Pega's customer-service research to explore where organisations are falling short in their introduction of new digital channels and the impact...

| Finextra

Pega's Steve Morgan’s stresses the importance of rapid digital transformation for banks to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, like the COVID-19 pandemic.
IT Finanz magazin

| IT Finanz Magazin

Pega's Michael Baldauf outlines the 10 regular misjudgments by banks embarking on a digital transformation journey.

| Protocol

Protocol (NA) ranked Pega as #3 in their RPA Power Index.
IT Zoom

| IT-Zoom

Transparency is the order of the day for AI, because, as a recent Pega consumer study shows, there is still much to be done here.

| Journal du Net

Pega's Jeff Nicholson highlights the importance of meeting customer expectations.
CXO Today

| CXO Today

Pega's Suman Reddy underlines the role of real-time decision technology in enabling companies to adapt quickly to each conversation based on their unique needs.
Risk Management

| Risk Management

Pega's Peter van der Putten gives his thoughts on how companies can avoid the pitfalls of AI.
Handels Journal

| Handels Journal

Pega's Florian Lauck-Wunderlich outlines five crucial steps to fair AI.
The Banking and Finance Post

| The Banking and Finance Post

Pega's Suman Reddy examines the post-pandemic effects on banks credit management and the importance of empathy for all organizations, including the banking industry.
Venture Beat

| Venture Beat

A survey by Pegasystems predicts that if the current trend holds, a lack of accountability within the private sector will lead to governments taking over responsibility for AI regulation over the next...
Economie Matin

| Economie Matin

Pega's Rob Walker explains how businesses must adapt to changing customer expectations in a post-pandemic world.
Venture Beat

| Venture Beat

A survey by Pegasystems predicts that if the current trend for AI governance holds, insufficient accountability within the private sector will lead to governments taking over responsibility for AI...
IT Daily

| IT-Daily

Pega's Tom Pauly explains the importance of "experience centricity" for business success.
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