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Cobertura en los Medios

Decir que es de interés es una sutileza. Nuestras soluciones líderes de la industria ayudan a las empresas más grandes del mundo a desarrollar aplicaciones diseñadas para el futuro.

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| Forbes

The Technology Industry Plots A Return To Work From Coronavirus

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| Futurum

Rethinking Agility In The Wake Of COVID-19 – The Six Five Insiders Edition

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| Futurum Research

The Pandemic Is A Catalyst A Lot Of Businesses Needed — It’s Time For A Massive Rethink – Futurum Tech Webcast Interview Series

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| MarTechSeries

Pega welcomes Hayden Stafford as President of Global Client Engagement

| CRM Playaz

Pega’s Don Schuerman previews PegaWorld iNspire and discusses how COVID-19 has changed our approach to digital transformation

| Dev Ops Online

Pega’s Jennifer Gill shares what attendees can expect to learn about Pega’s low code technology at PegaWorld iNspire

| Boston Business Journal

Pega sponsors the Dropkick Murphys for virtual concert with Bruce Springsteen live from Fenway

| Live Nation

Pega sponsors the first ever virtual concert from a stadium with the Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen

| Forbes

Pega’s Adriana Bokel Herde comments on the return to offices after Covid-19

| Computing

Alan Trefler comments on the value of RPA ahead of PegaWorld

| Diginomica

Alan Trefler explains that many Pega clients are shifting away from Covid-19 survival and moving towards long-term strategic change

| AG Connect

Pega launches Ethical Bias Check to help prevent bias in AI

| Futurum

Alan Trefler discusses the true meaning of Build for Change, Pega’s agile approach, and supporting the Bavarian Government

| Among the Living

Pega sponsors virtual concert at Fenway with the Dropkick Murphys and special guest, Bruce Springsteen

| Times of India

Pega’s Sunam Reddy Eadunuri discusses the boost in Pega India’s productivity after transitioning to working from home

| Datacenter Insider

Pega’s Ken Stillwell explains how to navigate change and provides advice for business transformation

| Executive-People

Pega announces new capability in Pega Customer Decision Hub to prevent bias in AI

| Customer First

Pega launches Ethical Bias Check to reduce AI bias

| Information Age

Pega announces new Ethical Bias Check capability for Pega Customer Decision Hub

| Insurance Edge

Pega’s Ethical Bias Check “likely to become standard across insurance industry”


Pega’s Carola Cazenave joins alliances leadership team to grow the ecosystem

| Times of India

Pega’s Suman Reddy Eadunuri comments on the reopening of Pega India with safety top of mind

| siliconANGLE

Pega named a key player in the RPA market

| Futurum

Pega’s Marc Andrews discusses how banks are using pandemic-fueled digital transformations to better serve customers

| Customer Service Blog

Pega’s Tom Libretto explains the importance of finding balance when providing effective and efficient customer service

| ComputerWeekly

Pega’s Rob Walker comments on the launch of Ethical Bias Check for Pega Customer Decision Hub

| Enterprise AI

Pega’s Ethical Bias Check has the power to balance out the intrinsic bias in AI
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| Finextra

Pega launches Ethical Bias Check to prevent bias in AI