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Retail Banking Operations

Retail banks face structural pressures including historically low interest rates, tightened regulations, new forms of competition, and empowered consumers. To thrive in this environment requires smart, agile retail banking operations that minimize costs while delivering service levels that attract new customers and turn existing customers into loyalists and brand promoters. In these demanding times, many of the most successful and forward-thinking financial institutions have turned to Pega to help them reinvent and elevate their retail banking operations.


Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.

Analyst Report

Read this Pegasystems survey of more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations.

Retail Banking Operations powered by Pega

With Pega Better Business Software® for retail banking operations, retail banking organizations are able to:

  • Implement intelligently automated bank operations that orchestrate all the systems, data, and people involved in key business processes, thereby eliminating wasteful duplication, dropped hand-offs, and error-prone manual tasks.
  • Apply real-time predictive and adaptive analytics to customer-facing retail banking operations, enabling an unprecedented degree of personalized service and micro-targeted offers.
  • Provide front-line personnel with the information, customer visibility, and real-time guidance they need to best advance the interests of the customer and the bank.
  • Modify banking operations business rules and applications quickly and easily, without any coding, using Pega’s unique Build for Change® technology.
  • Build a solution once and deploy it across channels with Pega dynamically adapting the substance and packaging to fit each channel.

Integrated Solutions for Retail Banking Operations and More

Pega offers integrated solutions to automate and optimize retail banking operations including:

  • Marketing: Design, execute, and monitor multi-channel campaigns that make just the right offer at the right time, to each individual customer and prospect.
  • Sales: Embed the knowledge and techniques of your top closers into automated sales processes that raise the games of everyone on your sales team.
  • On Boarding. Dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with on boarding new customers.
  • Customer Service: Resolve service requests promptly and efficiently, while also delivering targeted up-sell and cross-sell offers.
  • Collections: Go far beyond the capabilities of conventional collection systems by using Pega’s analytics-driven collections software to automatically apply individualized treatment strategies that take into account a customer’s value to your business and his or her likelihood of responding positively to various options and offers.

Pega also offers solutions for other financial services environments, including investment banking CRM solutions, capital markets solutions, commercial lending software, and much more.

Any Pega solution can be deployed on premise or in the Pega cloud.

Learn more about how Pega can help you automate and optimize your retail banking operations.