Pega deepens its AI capabilities in Pega Sales Automation to help businesses accelerate sales cycles and win more deals

New AI functionality predicts sales probability and suggests the right actions to close more deals

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – March 21, 2017 – Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, today announced enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Pega® Sales Automation that enable businesses to accelerate sales cycles and win more deals. Pega makes sales organizations more efficient and effective with an advanced AI engine that more accurately forecasts sales win probability and suggests the next-best actions and content that will boost those odds at every stage of the deal.

Most sales automation and partner relationship management software act as glorified reporting tools rather than solutions that actually help salespeople, managers, and agents be more efficient and effective at driving sales. This makes common sales tools more of a hindrance than a help, resulting in poor adoption rates and missed opportunities. Pega Sales Automation changes this by providing AI-driven insights that inform better sales strategies with specific actions – executed in just a few clicks – that improve win probability. A streamlined graphical dashboard presents these insights and actions at a glance on both desktop and mobile devices to surface the most impactful data, alerts, and activities, including:

•;;;;;;;;;;;; Opportunity Insights that predict the probability of a deal moving to the next stage, the chances of winning an account, and the date the deal will likely close – all fueled by predictive analytics using current sales activity and historical benchmarks for similar deal types.

•;;;;;;;;;;;; Sales Futurecast that projects probable sales results so agents and managers can more accurately track performance against their quotas in any given time period and make the right adjustments as needed.

Next-Best-Actions that use AI to recommend what sales reps and agents can do today to progress active deals – such as schedule a meeting or send additional information – as well as suggest the best approach, offers, and content to generate new leads.

Pega Sales Automation leverages powerful AI capabilities from the Pega® Customer Decision Hub, a centralized ‘digital brain’ that enables real-time decisioning and machine learning across all Pega CRM applications. With Pega Sales Automation unified with Pega® Customer Service and Pega® Marketing, sales reps and agents have visibility into any marketing campaigns and service cases, adding additional data to the AI engine that helps create better sales strategies for each individual customer.

For example, if a home mortgage prospect also recently clicked on a bank’s marketing campaign for a cash-back credit card, Pega Sales Automation will immediately alert the sales agent and suggest a bundled offer to help close the deal. Sales reps and partner agents can even open service cases for existing customers without handing them off to another department. This ensures a contiguous customer journey that drives the right action for each customer regardless of channel – leading to higher customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty, and increased revenues.

For those making the switch to Pega Sales Automation, easy-to-use wizards enable current Salesforce and Siebel customers to migrate their data to Pega and quickly get it up and running.

These new features are now available within the latest release of Pega Sales Automation. The software will be demonstrated at PegaWorld, Pega’s annual conference from June 4-7, 2017 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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Quotes & Commentary

“For years, sales organizations have struggled with ineffective tools that salespeople love to hate and don’t live up to the promise of helping drive more sales faster,” said Jeff Nicholson, vice president, product marketing, CRM, Pegasystems. “The infusion of more AI capabilities within our proven Pega Sales Automation software gives sales organizations deep insight and tangible actions to move leads from prospects to customers.”

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