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Pega Gen AI Blueprint Blog

Pega GenAI Blueprint is changing how enterprises approach transformation

Kerim Akgonul,
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What. A. Week.

PegaWorld is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the opportunity to announce and showcase our new innovations in front of thousands of Pega clients & partners.

But what I love even more is the opportunity for those same clients & partners to hear directly from the world’s largest brands & agencies, learning how these enterprises have partnered with Pega and how they are leveraging our technology to deliver massive value within their organizations… like:

  • T-Mobile, who talked about how rethinking their customer engagement strategy with Pega Customer Decision Hub helped reduce churn and increase NPS, enabling them on their journey to become America’s fastest growing wireless company.
  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, who leveraged Pega to shift from paper-based processes to a digital service & operations backbone, increasing speed & efficiency, but more importantly, enabling them on their mission to better serve those who’ve served.
  • National Australia Bank, who, across millions of customers across billions of interactions, are unlocking customer data to hyper-personalize engagement, delivering the single Next Best Action across channels – all while shifting their development cycles from 12 weeks down to 4.

And many, many, many more… Check replays of all of the amazing sessions here.

One of my favorite stories we heard this week was from Daniel Wenzel, the SVP of Design Authorities at Deutsche Telekom, who talked about how Pega GenAI Blueprint™ is already changing the way he and his teams are approaching digital transformation. (More on their story below).

If you haven’t heard yet, Pega GenAI Blueprint is a new capability which enables business & IT to collaborate on transformational workflows faster than ever before. It enables teams to:

  • Start workflows on industry expert designs. Blueprint leverages generative AI and best practice templates curated by our industry experts and partners to provide a starting point that can quickly be adapted and extended to fit the unique requirements of the business.
  • Collaboratively design every aspect of their workflows. Blueprint guides teams through the design process – capturing the workflows, automations, data, and personas that need to come together to transform end-to-end customer journeys.
  • Go from design to go-live faster than ever. With Infinity ‘24 and ‘23, Blueprint designs can be imported directly into the Pega Platform to generate a starting point for new applications in seconds – enabling near-instant prototyping and letting developers hit the ground running.

Blueprint was launched in March 2024, so just 10 weeks ago, but it is already changing how enterprises are approaching their digital transformation projects. In fact, Pega GenAI Blueprint is the fastest adopted capability in Pega’s history – with over 35,000 Blueprints created to date by hundreds of organizations.

Deutsche Telekom’s Blueprint for transformation

A few years back, Deutsche Telekom began a legacy modernization project with Pega. They wanted to shift 800+ critical civil servant HR services off their legacy platform and transform them into modern, cloud-based automations (via the Pega Platform) by the end of 2025. While making this transition, they didn’t just want to lift & shift their processes but use this modernization as an opportunity to reimagine & optimize their workflows – which requires constant business & IT collaboration and has been the biggest hurdle to rapid transformation thus far.

“The biggest bottleneck in the digital transformation is to have businesspeople being capable to talk to IT”, said Daniel Wenzel in his keynote presentation, “let’s be honest, they come from two different worlds”. 

With Pega GenAI Blueprint, Deutsche Telekom is giving business & IT teams a platform to collaborate effectively and accelerate their legacy transformation.

In Blueprint, “business has the opportunity to describe their processes in their own words, with their terms, with what is meaningful to them” which goes through generative AI elaboration and team collaboration in a way that “provides a structure which translates to speed.”

Just amazing. We’re incredibly grateful to have strong partnerships with leaders like Daniel and innovative enterprises like Deustche Telekom. Check out the full replay.

The best part? Blueprint is improving Every. Single. Week.

We’re releasing new capabilities into Blueprint all the time – to accelerate and improve the workflow design process.  Since it launched 10 weeks back, we’ve added new functionality like:

  • Collaboration: Enabling users to invite editors to their Blueprints, so ALL business & IT stakeholders can collaborate on the same workflow seamlessly
  • Data modeling: Letting users define workflow data requirements as part of the end-to-end workflow design – building on generative AI suggestions
  • Continual GenAI refinement: Enabling users to add more context to their application & workflow descriptions – and regenerate them on the fly
  • Templates: Enabling organizations – like Pega’s partner ecosystem – to scale their industry expertise by uploading their own reusable Blueprint templates
  • Import into Pega to generate a new app in seconds: Enabling users to import their Blueprints into their Pega environments – both Pega Cloud and client-managed deployments – to automatically generate their workflows

And at PegaWorld we announced my favorite capability yet… 

Available now: Live application preview

Now, you can preview the experience of your application as you design out your workflows, directly in Pega GenAI Blueprint.

Pega takes a unique approach to automation, one which we call the Center-out business architecture. Rather than thinking about the workflows & decisions needed on a channel-by-channel or system-by-system basis, Pega lets you focus first on the end-to-end customer journey. From there, you can plug into all the experiences that all of your personas need, enabling increased agility, consistency, and a lower total cost of maintenance.

And in Blueprint, you’re able to see that Center-out approach come to life for your workflows.  As you build out your workflows, preview at any time how they’ll manifest for:

  • Your customers. Embedded into your customer-facing website for self-service.
  • Your agents. In Pega’s Customer Service desktop.
  • Your employees. In Pega’s operations desktop and out-of-the-box native mobile application. Y
  • Your API’s and custom interfaces. Through Pega’s auto-generated DX API’s.

Even though we just wrapped up PegaWorld 2024, I’m already getting excited for the amazing success stories which Blueprint and all of our amazing innovations will unlock for the world’s largest enterprises – and the stories we’ll hear at PegaWorld 2025 as a result. (Which will be back in Las Vegas June 1-3 of next year. Can’t wait to see you there!)

Until then, start accelerating your own transformation journey right now at:


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À propos de l'auteur

Kerim Akgonul is the Chief Product Officer at Pega. Through his leadership of over 1,000 engineers, product managers, designers, and architects at Pega, Kerim’s focus is to build a suite of best-in-class products that transform businesses around the world.

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