PegaWorld 2017 replays

PegaWorld 2017 featured expert-led sessions that sparked creativity, inspired innovation, and provided a strategic toolkit to solve the most complex business problems in the world. Geared towards different industries, products and a host of hot topics, PegaWorld has something for everyone.

Keynote presentations

Future Empowered
Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems



Sprint’s Customer-First Strategy
Roger Solé, Chief Marketing Officer, Sprint



Automation, AI and Customer Engagement
Kerim Akgonul, Senior Vice President, Products, Pegasystems



Automation, AI and Customer Engagement
David Mingle, General Director, Global Customer Experience Execution, General Motors



Automation, AI and Customer Engagement
Kushala Silva, Group Director, Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Coca-Cola



Scotiabank: A Future Empowered Bank
Jason Charlebois, SVP, Technology, Scotiabank



AI in Customer Engagement: Balancing Risk and Reward
Dr. Rob Walker, Vice President, Decision Management and Analytics, Pegasystems



Building a Customer Centric Ecosystem
Mattijs ten Brink, Managing Director – Chairman, Transavia



Breakout sessions: day 1

Breakout sessions: day 2


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