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What to look for in a BPM suite

In an effort to drive greater productivity and agility through your business, you’re thinking of purchasing a business process management (BPM) suite. How can you decide among the competing BPM suites that are on the market? What should you look for in a BPM suite?

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Analyst Report

Gartner iBPMS MQ 2017

For 11th straight report, Pegasystems was cited as a leader and is positioned furthest to the right in Vision amongst 19 vendors evaluated.

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While business process management software has many technical dimensions along which comparisons can be drawn, business decision-makers would do well to focus on these core business criteria when judging a BPM suite:

  • Empowering business users. For a BPM platform to deliver true agility, it must put business users squarely in the driver’s seat, so that shifting business objectives can be quickly built into process execution. Is the BPM suite merely an IT integration tool, or does it really enable business users to drive business processes?
  • Flexibility for the real world. Over time, how well will the BPM suite support business process management services that scale across your enterprise while also accommodating real-world differences among regions, product lines, sales channels, and customers?
  • Tangible benefits, fast. In today’s economic environment, technology investments must return dividends sooner rather than later. Is the BPM suite designed to quickly deliver tangible business benefits?

Pegasystems’ BPM suite delivers on business objectives

Pegasystems is the leading provider of enterprise-class business process management solutions. Our BPM business has been growing at twice the rate of the overall BPM market, and major analysts have consistently singled out Pegasystems as the market leader.

Why are major companies in transaction and service-intensive industries choosing Pegasystems over competing BPM suite makers? Because Pegasystems understands that it’s all about delivering on key business objectives, efficiently, flexibly, and quickly:

  • Much more so than competing BPM suites, Pega BPM puts business users in charge of process creation and improvement. With Pega BPM, business users can create business rules and processes using familiar, highly interactive interfaces, and the system then automates much of the coding that turns rules and models into executable applications. Processes can change as quickly as objectives do, for true agility.
  • With Pega BPM, you can build BPM services that capture enterprise-wide policies and procedures, while also incorporating differences specific to regions, products, or even customers. Pegasystems’ BPM methodology utilizes a patented inheritance model that allows your front-line processes to dynamically merge universal baseline characteristics together with an overlay of qualities that are specific to the context.
  • Built on open standards that facilitate easy integration with existing infrastructure, and packaged with industry-specific solution frameworks that accelerate application creation for sectors such as financial services, health care, telecommunications, insurance, government, and more, Pega BPM is engineered to deliver rapid, measurable returns on your investment.

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