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Sales Automation Overview

Pega is delivering a new kind of sales force automation that combines artificial intelligence and digital process automation. With a built-in AI engine that dynamically presents content and offers you’ll see increased production from your sales reps.

Integrated call telephony, email, mobile app, and social collaboration features complement more than 50 out-of-the-box dashboards. On top of all that, Pega’s industry-leading digital process automation platform streamlines forecasting, opportunity management, lead assignment, and territory and quota assignments across multiple geographies and sales teams.


Pega is delivering a new kind of sales force automation application that combines artificial intelligence and digital process automation.

The AI engine automatically ranks the best leads for inside sales rep, Dan. He can see what the AI score is as well as why the AI ranks these leads as the most important, so he knows they're high quality.

Integrated Call Telephony allows him to quickly call and log activities against these leads without having to remember to do this after the fact. Once qualified, the lead is automatically assigned and routed to the proper account executive by the system, instead of via email or spreadsheet.

Terry is our account executive. He receives a notification about the lead right on his phone. In the app, he sees notes about this lead and can email or call them right away. The mobile app automatically logs his activities too.

Terry takes a look at other dashboards on his phone and focuses on the next best offers for his clients. The AI presents these personalized offers, allowing him to engage prospects and existing customers with products and services that are relevant to them and that they are more likely to buy.

Futurecast shows Terry how much prospecting and pipeline he needs to meet his quarterly revenue goals. Scanning his calendar and the social feeds of his clients, Terry notes a recent post that presents an opportunity to propose and sell a new product in the afternoon meeting. He sends product information to the client via Outlook, and this engagement is also automatically synced into the opportunity, thereby giving him more selling time and his manager visibility into his prospecting effort.

After the meeting, Terry adds a competitor to the opportunity. The AI immediately predicts a lower likelihood of this deal closing but also guides to next best actions to get back on track. He is prompted to share a customer case study with the prospect and to read a battlecard so he can handle objections and solidify that Terry's products are superior to the competitors. Terry also scans the customer timeline which shows him all customer service, sales, and marketing interactions so he can anticipate problems and take proactive corrective actions.

Our sales manager, Veronica, also has her own dashboards with the AI insights. The sales coach delivers insight into which reps are underperforming, and she uses this information to quickly assign coaching plans that eliminate the need for separate emails and spreadsheets. Once she assigns a plan, the system automatically tracks progress against it and delivers weekly updates. The AI and process automation reviews the rolled up forecast to ensure it is realistic and up-to-date. It flags changes in the last 30, 60, and 90 days, and the AI automatically spots and alerts Veronica to forecast variances that should be discussed with the team.

Close plans from her account executives ensure that Veronica is clear on what's expected from her and other executives to close the quarter on a strong note. Thanks to a combination of digital automation and AI. Pega helps the whole team sell smarter and bust their quotas. Learn more and try it for free at pega.com/sales.


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