Case Study

Optimizing auto customer safety with Pega Recall

  • Integrated recall campaign planning, tracking, and management

  • Cohesive campaigns tap IT ecosystem for records

  • Continuous event data updates and full audit records

The Business Issue

To ensure customers safety and meet regulatory scrutiny, automakers need to manage each recall event swiftly and effectively. Communication with customers, suppliers, regulators, and internal parties should be timely and dependable, but too often communications break down. The result? Unhappy customers and dealers, and painful regulatory fines. 

This global automaker’s existing recall program provided an incomplete view of the business ecosystem. During a safety recall, suppliers and other external parties experienced gaps in the process, and the company suffered from liabilities, fines, and customer dissatisfaction and defection. 

The company had no way of conducting an audit trail of contact with affected customers, OEMs, and dealers to ensure timely communications and follow up.

The Solution

The automaker identified Pega as the best path to creating a strategic platform for all recall-related records, communications, and activities. The Pega Recall solution links into the company’s internal systems and data, managing SLAs, capturing pre-recall events, escalation, and parts planning, and providing advanced analytics capabilities. 

Pega Recall runs each recall campaign, tapping the IT ecosystem for existing data, and then updating the central system with event information and full audit records. Real-time decisioning helps the company’s managers accurately determine the “best-next-action” to take.

Pega’s solution engages each customer individually from first contact to final closure, ensuring the safety and care they deserve.

The Results

With Pega’s improved data quality, reliability, and reporting, the company saw:

  • Faster implementation with only 90 days to set up campaigns and launch capabilities
  • Stronger grip on vehicle recall eligibility, cutting inaccurate and overlapping dealer claims
  • Better compliance and support with automatic notifications configured to customers, regulatory agencies, and dealers
  • Higher NPS scores due to better recall processing and customer engagement

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