Beyond Conflict Minerals for High Tech Companies

Turn compliance into a competitive opportunity

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502, requires organizations to disclose the use of conflict minerals in their products or in the materials used in their manufacturing processes. The window on compliance is running out and interpretations on the law continue to shift. Noncompliance can have implications on your brand reputation, on both the top-line in the form of margin perseveration and innovation leadership retention and bottom-line in the form of operational risk cost avoidance, enhanced operational efficiencies, reduction in operational execution costs and enhanced sustainability. Capgemini has built and deployed a Conflict Minerals Application enabled by Pega7 to address the moving compliance challenge.

Learn more about how Capgemini's Conflict Minerals Application delivers conflict materials compliance, and with the Pega platform it allows you to go beyond compliance to gain a competitive advantage.


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