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Podcast Recap Season 3: Future of IT

Paula White-Jennings ,
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The first arc of the Pega podcast, Bold stories. Future focused., dives into the future of IT. Jo Richardson (Director of Corporate Communications, Pega), talked with industry experts and influencers about how bias, regulation, and teamwork are expanding the IT role across all industries.

Here is a sneak peek into each episode:

Episode 1: Steering the future of IT featuring Elizabeth M. Adams and Joe Weinman

In this episode, Jo chats with Elizabeth M. Adams (Global AI Ethics Advisor) and Joe Weinman (Former SVP at Digital Realty & Author) about how the future of IT is changing, the impacts making these changes, and how organizations can remain relevant during this transition.

Elizabeth’s work focuses on how data bias comes from lack of diversity in data collection, ultimately leading to bad models and results. Businesses are making decisions based on these bad results, and that's dangerous for the future of IT. Elizabeth continues to enable organizations to modernize and overcome these challenges and sees these adoption efforts as the way to succeed in the future.

“...for those companies who are not able to kind of quickly adapt to this digital moment that we’re having, I don’t think that they’ll be around long because that is actually where we are and that’s where we’re going to stay. That's where the jobs are going to be.”

Joe talks about the evolving relationship between humans and machines and how technological advances are already showing how machines can support and even replace humans (ex: self-driving cars and automated transcription machines). Joe’s future of IT is also focused on the importance of digital adoption through bias and ethics regulations. He emphasizes that successful digital transformation doesn’t fall solely on the IT group, this is an enterprise-wide effort.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily up to the IT person, like a developer or an architect or whatever, to figure this stuff out. It’s up to some things that are more in the realm of AI ethics, and legal and regulatory maneuvers.”

Tune in to hear more about the future of IT with Elizabeth and Joe:

Pega Podcast season 2 logo

JAN 18, 2022 | 23 MINS

Episode 1: Steering the future of IT ft. Elizabeth M. Adams and Joe Weinman

CEO Elizabeth M. Adams and author Joe Weinman talk about what the future of IT can (and should) look like. From AI bias to unreliable algorithms and the working harmony between humans and machines, learn what’s most pressing as our IT-enabled future fast approaches.

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Episode 2: Are humans at the heart of digital transformation? featuring Alex Andrenacci and Ralph Thompson

This episode features two speakers from EY: Alex Andrenacci (EY Asia-Pacific Technology Transformation and Trusted Intelligence Leader) and Ralph Thompson (EY Associate Partner, Technology Transformation). Alex and Ralph talk a lot about thinking and learning differently in order to drive change as well as the importance of an enriched life both in and out of the workplace.

We, as humans, play many different roles that are defined by who we are as workers, consumers, and unique individuals. Alex describes it best as a balancing act to recognize these different perspectives and utilize them all to drive change:

“I think we need to start learning how to do things differently in order to drive the change that we all want to drive. So, I think it’s this continuous balancing act that I believe we as humans, we as IT professionals, but also we as consumers need to always have.”

Ralph shares the importance of personal enrichment for a successful and tech-driven future. As long as people are passionate about what they do, that energy will positively impact the outcomes of their work, and our collective future:

“There’s got to be personal enrichment. There has to be a passion for growth. And I think that if those are fulfilled, technologically-centered people will experience growth and passion and they’ll contribute more...”

Listen to the full podcast episode:

Pega Podcast season 2 logo

JAN 25, 2022 | 22 MINS

Episode 2: Are humans at the heart of digital transformation? ft. Alex Andrenacci and Ralph Thompson

Join Alex Andrenacci and Ralph Thompson, technology transformation leaders at Ernst & Young, as they discuss what the future of IT looks like from their perspective and how people are at the heart of it all.

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Episode 3: Expanding the reach of tech for good featuring Dr. Phil Budden and Lacey Kesler

The future of IT is also about access and localization. Dr. Phil Budden (MIT Senior Lecturer in Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy (TIES) at MIT’s Management School) and Lacey Kesler (Senior Community Education Manager at Webflow) talk with Jo about the importance of accessible technical education and access to these tools to support a variety of different communities. All contributions, big or small, can make a difference.

If all tech is concentrated in major cities, other communities can’t access those benefits and experiences. Dr. Phil Budden talks about how tech impacts our daily lives and shouldn’t be limited to major cities and organizations. The future and success of IT relies on democratization.

“So, making sure that the tech and coding skills are not just sort of bottled up in certain places, but are distributed more evenly around the world. I think this will actually allow people to solve local problems that those in the big cities might not have thought about.”

Lacey also speaks about the value of access to technology via learning opportunities through low-code and no code technologies. Lacey comes from a non-technical background and understands the challenges people endure to try to understand coding and development. People want to learn, but the path is discouraging. Until now:

“...there’s such a demand for people wanting to learn, but they’re not wanting to learn tech in tech terms. [...] There’s a layer of translation there that needs to happen. I think where no code has an opportunity to shine is removing that layer of translation for people and giving them the words to say the vocabulary and helping them ask really good questions to better understand all of this.”

Get the full podcast episode for more details and insights from Dr. Phil Budden and Lacey Kesler:

Pega Podcast season 2 logo

FEB 1, 2022 | 26 MINS

Episode 3: Expanding the reach of tech for good ft. Dr. Phil Budden and Lacey Kesler

Innovation is about making the future more advanced, but what advancements are we making to help today’s tech be more accessible? Listen as our expert guests talk about the importance of low-code alternatives, visual development, changing our approach to education, and more.

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Episode 4: The steady evolution of government IT featuring Alexis Wichowski

The future of IT also relies on regulations that come from the top – the government. In this episode, Jo talks with Alexis Wichowski (New York City’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Innovation) about the status of tech within the public and private sectors of government. Alexis shares how she’s trying to change how these sectors can work together to create better tech solutions. True change and adoption must come from our leaders and decision makers.

“It’s not something that is radical. It’s something that has to come from leadership though. And this is where the people who we elect to put in office really really matter. Because if you have people, even at a deputy level of an agency saying this is important, this is something we have to do – people get busy, things happen...”

Hear more from this episode with Alexis Wichowski:

Pega Podcast season 2 logo

FEB 8, 2022 | 24 MINS

Episode 4: The steady evolution of government IT ft. Alexis Wichowski

Technologically speaking, the public sector has room to grow. But according to Alexis Wichowski, deputy CTO for innovation in NYC, innovations are happening. Learn what progress is being made in public sector IT, what progressive government leadership makes possible, and more.

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Check out the entire podcast series to hear more stories from industry experts and Pega team members!


Bold stories. Future focused.

When business changes, it challenges us – and necessarily so. Listen in as our hosts uncover what success looks like when innovative minds rise to new challenges and excel in the face of change.


Thema: Digitale Transformation

Über die Verfasserin

Paula White-Jennings, is a creatively-driven and organized professional brand marketer with experience in marketing and brand strategy alike. Paula is also the producer of Pega’s successful podcast, “Bold stories. Future focused.” Maintaining her passion for being a change agent, Paula is a founding member of the Black@Pega Employee Resource Group and has spent the past year and a half building out their social impact footprint within the surrounding communities.

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Elizabeth Adams Headshot
Elizabeth M. Adams Global AI Ethics Advisor

Elizabeth M. Adams (she/her/hers) is a global AI Ethics Advisor helping executives, governments and organizations gain familiarity with AI Ethics guidance and standards. She passionately teaches, advises, consults, and speaks on the critical subjects within and across Tech Inclusion, Humane Tech and Social Influence in AI. Elizabeth is an Affiliate Fellow at Stanford University’s Institute of Human-Centered AI and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration at Pepperdine University, with a research focus on Leadership of Responsible AI. Over the past 20 years, she has refined her leadership acumen in tech design by leading a variety of large-scale technology initiatives for the government and Fortune 500 companies as a tech equity champion.

Joe Weinman Headshot
Joe Weinman Former SVP at Digital Realty & Author

Joe Weinman was most recently SVP at Telx (now Digital Realty) and has held executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, and HP, in areas such as corporate strategy, R&D and innovation management, partner and business development, product management, operations, and sales and marketing. He currently serves on the advisory boards of Syntropy Networks, EDJX, RampRate, the Pace University Lubin School of Business, and the Pacific Telecommunications Council. He’s been awarded 27 patents.

Alex Andrenacci EY Asia-Pacific Technology Transformation and Trusted Intelligence Leader

People developer. Value creator. Business operator. Driver of transformation. Dog lover. Beekeeper.

Alex looks after the SAP business and go-to-market framework for Technology Transformation in Asia-Pacific.

Prior to working in EY, he has spent 27 years working for clients embarking on transformation programs driven either by a value-driven approach or a full renewal and update across the application landscape. Alex has worked across Asia Pacific – primarily Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Singapore. The last 15 years of Alex’s career was spent on large consumer goods and services organizations with direct responsibility for the deployment of their ERP of choice. The outcome and resulting digitized business processes allowed these organizations to become more agile and closer to the customers across 42 countries and with over 40,000 users.

He recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking from MIT Sloan Executive Education and Columbia Business School. Alex obtained his Arts and Business degree from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela.

Ralph Thompson EY Associate Partner, Technology Transformation

With a strategic IT background, Ralph specialises in partnering with multinational companies and agencies to shape, secure funding, launch and successfully deliver transformative IT strategy, architecture, governance, Cloud, Digital, Service Management, sustainability, and resilience outcomes for clients. He has worked across industries serving clients in Europe, the US, Asia, and Oceania. and currently focuses on Cloud in APAC. He constantly drives to achieve real, sustainable value-creating change enabled by technology. Graduated from the University of Maryland and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, his current passions are Technology, tennis, and economics.

Alexis Wichowski New York City’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Innovation

Alexis Wichowski, PhD, serves as New York City’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Innovation (2019 - present), interim Director of Communications for the Chief Technology Officer (2020 - present), and previously also served as Acting Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Universal Broadband (2020 - 21). As a Deputy CTO for NYC, Wichowski and her team create inclusive coalitions and testbeds to research new solutions to social challenges, such as community wealth-building, youth mental health, housing rights, and neighborhood safety at night. During the spring of 2020, Wichowski worked on NYC’s COVID response, securing millions of N95s; connecting private sector donors to agencies in need; creating NYC’s “PPE Dashboard” to predict supply burn rates; and co-founding the NYC[x] Innovation Fellows. Prior public service roles include: Associate Commissioner; Press Secretary (NYC Department of Veterans’ Services); Disaster Relief Field Responder (American Red Cross; 9/11 Ground Zero Response); Program Analyst (US Department of State Office of eDiplomacy); Director of Strategy & Analysis; Press Officer (Permanent Mission of the United States to the United Nations) and Twitter jockey (various). Outside government, Wichowski researches, teaches, and writes on tech in government and tech as power (Columbia University). She’s published dozens of articles and, recently, the book, The Information Trade (HarperCollins). Awards include the Presidential Management Fellowship, two Meritorious Honor Awards; University at Albany’s “Women in Tech” and “Distinguished Dissertation” awards; Columbia University’s “Top 5 Course Award,” the City of New York’s “NYC[x] Tech & Innovation Award,” and a Fulbright. Before public service, Wichowski worked in web development, knowledge management, theater production, foreign sitcoms, and pretzel vending. She holds a BA in Chinese (Connecticut College, completed 3 years, cum laude) and a PhD in Information Science (SUNY Albany College of Engineering & Applied Science). She reads science fiction excessively and runs occasionally and slowly. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.

Philip Budden MIT Senior Lecturer in Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy (TIES) at MIT’s Management School

At MIT, Philip Budden (aka ‘Dr.Phil’) works with executives (both technical professionals, and general managers; public sector, and private) on the challenges of tech innovation (including emerging technology (EmTech)), for them as individuals and for their organizations. Taking an ‘eco/system’ perspective, Dr.Phil also encourages those pursuing a ‘corporate innovation’ strategy to draw on local stakeholders (such as universities and start-up entrepreneurs) to complement their internal efforts, which can be good for the company, as well as the community.

Lacey Kesler Senior Community Education Manager at Webflow

Lacey Kesler is a no-code expert and educator living in Texas. Lacey was previously in product and software engineering, but soon discovered no-code and ditched the command line for drag-and-drop. She leads Women in No-Code, a community that empowers women in the no-code space, and she’s a co-host of Visual Dev FM. She frequently trains and lectures with notable companies and universities to utilize the power of no-code. In her spare time you can find her on the running trails (she’ll be the one walking) or playing with her children and husband. She is the Senior Community Education Manager at Webflow.

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