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Pega Value Finder

Customers demand seamless, perfectly timed, relevant experiences – it's the new normal. Can we blame them? When they're exposed to thousands of messages each day that don't meet their needs only the ones that do will break through the noise.

Pega's Value Finder enables you to engage more empathetically by identifying underserved customers that don't receive engagements or only receive irrelevant actions then provides insights and suggestions to rectify it.

Discover underserved customers

Value Finder analyzes your entire customer database to uncover potentially-valuable but consistently underserved customers – so you’ll know exactly where to focus your improvement efforts.

Identify top opportunities for improvement

Once you understand which customers are struggling, you need to know why. Value Finder provides counts of customer drop-outs for each stage of the decision, so you can drill into what’s really causing the problem and resolve it.

Determine relevancy of actions with simple, channel-based propensity thresholds, run simulations for specific channels, and visualize customer engagement through each policy stage.

Fill the engagement gap

Now that you know who is in need and why, you need to know what to do about it. Value Finder provides users with next-best-action recommendations about how best to resolve the issue, such as creating a new action, modifying an existing treatment, or adjusting an eligibility rule. Using Value Finder outputs, you can leverage Generative AI to automatically generate treatments.

With our cutting-edge technology, you can see what prompts GenAI is using to create content for a particular persona enabling even more transparency into AI-powered decisioning.

See how Pega can help your business

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