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Pega Adaptive Decision Manager

Dramatically improve Next Best Actions using contextual information and adaptive learning. Continuously and automatically optimize the customer experience in real time.


As a customer relationship professional, your nirvana is providing outstanding experiences to your customers in a way that is simple yet always meaningful. What if you could do that using a system that learned customer preferences on the fly and then adjusted its actions and messages automatically in real time? That system is available today with the Pega Customer Decision Hub and its adaptive learning. Let's say you have a new service launching, perhaps a device protection plan, and you have a few different promotional variations to test. Like, one with a monthly fee and another where your customer pays annually. You just aren't sure which variation will be attractive to which customers. With so many possibilities, you know that AB testing could take months. But, with Pega's adaptive learning, it actually begins testing and learning the minute you make your new offers available and customers start responding.

There is no need to set up complicated tests, as the system learns with each presentation and response and the most relevant offer gets presented to each subsequent customer. At any time, you can add another version into the mix. Simply add that new promotion, and now watch it compete as it's pitted against your other winning offers. Pega Customer Decision hub with Adaptive Learning lets you see visually how your offers and actions are performing, so there is never any doubt how well you're always on customer brain is performing. With it, your customers will be receiving relevant, timely, and contextual treatments that will thrill them. To find out more about how to power all of your customer experience applications with real time and automated adaptive learning, visit pega.com.


Assunto: IA e tomada de decisões Desafio: Atendimento ao cliente Área do produto: Customer Decision Hub

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