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Build for Change: End-to-End Automation

Just automating tasks or deploying bots won’t transform your customer experience. So how can you put customer outcomes front and center? Pega brings together industry-leading robotic and process automation in a single, unified platform, and orchestrates outcomes through the power of case management.


This is your customer. If you wanna keep her happy, you have to make it easy for her to get the outcomes she wants. But the path to those outcomes winds through your legacy systems and they are not easy. They're built around transactions, system level operations that have little to do with what your customer or your business is trying to achieve. The market hype would have you believe that robotic process automation or RPA is an easy fix, but most RPA just automates repetitive tasks. It can create incremental improvements, but won't transform your customer experience. And deploying hundreds of bots that don't work together creates chaos, security risks and maintenance headaches. Business process management can go a step further towards transformation, but once a process expands to contain the richness of an end-to-end customer experience, it becomes unwieldy and the business visibility disappears. Process definitions end up littered with technical details about system integration and data access and your customer outcome once again gets lost. So how can we put customer outcomes front and center with end-to-end robotic automation? Pega brings together industry leading robotic and process automation in a single unified platform and orchestrates customer outcomes through the power of case management.

The case is the heart of Pega's visual approach to building business applications. Cases are outcome driven. They represent work to be done like a customer inquiry that must be resolved or a new account to be opened. You define a case in Pega by laying out its stages or milestones in a simple visual designer, you add steps to each stage, building the framework for your processes and establishing a common language without getting buried in details. The case becomes a canvas on which business and IT can collaborate. Cases in Pega can manage the multiple processes, automated bots and human tasks needed to achieve a business outcome. The case simplifies data management, deciding when and how to retrieve and update data in external systems and even dispatching bots to do so. Cases automate service levels, prioritization and escalation so you can make sure you keep your promises to your customer. They capture audit data and history, so you always have visibility and transparency into what's going on behind the scenes. And Pega cases are powered by AI using machine learning and natural language processing to continuously optimize and find new opportunities for automation. This isn't just task automation or process management. This is end-to-end robotic automation. With Pega, you automate outcomes and deliver the frictionless experiences your customers demand. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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