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future of marketing podcast

Podcast recap: Future of Marketing

Paula White-Jennings ,
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The Future of Marketing is already here and marketing leaders are set to change the status quo in the coming three to five years. In this season of Bold Stories. Future Focused., host Jo Richardson (Director of Corporate Communications at Pegasystems) met with marketing experts from across industries to talk about what to expect for the future of marketing and how to stay ahead.
This season covers a variety of topics ranging from utilizing meaningful MarTech methods and exploring the wild west of Web 3, to building out dynamic real-time customer engagement and ushering in a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Episode 1: Decluttering the future of marketing technologies ft. David Steuer and Jeremy Woodlee

In this episode, Jo Richardson speaks with two experts from Accenture about how to make aggressive moves in marketing that matter, without drowning in the tech itself. Third-party cookies are out and marketers are relying on customer data platforms (CDPs) for contextual marketing to bolster existing customer relationships overall.

David Steuer (Managing Director for Accenture’s Intelligent Software Engineering Services) talks about the importance of bringing together the art and science of marketing to achieve improved personalization. By uniting the science of data collection and analysis with the creativity of messaging, marketers can make relevant and contextual connections with all consumers.

“You still need the art, right? You still need the creative. It has to be there, but now we’re talking about needing to combine creative with data analytics and understanding of the customer context in their journey in real-time.”

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SEP 6, 2022 | 24 MINS

Episode 1: Decluttering the future of marketing technologies ft. David Steuer and Jeremy Woodlee

Modern marketing leaves little to chance by utilizing data-driven targeting to know precisely what people want. And its evolution is ongoing. Join David Steuer and Jeremy Woodlee, managing directors from Accenture, as they discuss where MarTech is taking the industry.

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Episode 2: Making content count with automated marketing experiences ft. LaToya Shambo and Morgan Short

Marketing organizations seem to be pushing out endless streams of offers, sales, updates, etc. This is overwhelming for consumers who are bombarded with marketing offers and for marketing teams trying to keep the content machine running. But, there are solutions for marketers to become focused and stand out.

LaToya Shambo (Founder and CEO of Black Girl Digital) talks with Jo Richardson about the benefits of influencer marketing to connect directly with relevant consumers and audiences. Marketers must take the time to understand their audience and work out a content plan from there.

"The opportunity is there. It’s just a matter of who on your team understands the audience that you’re trying to connect with. And then, what’s the content going to look like? What’s the cadence of that content going to look like from a day-to-day perspective?”

Morgan Short (Director of Content and Web Strategy for Vendavo) talks about the confusion around storytelling because companies often don’t know who they are or how to tell their story. Without that, they can’t effectively reach their consumers and they certainly won’t stand out in a crowd. Though we often say “marketing organizations” and “consumers,” we are talking about individual and unique people. Successful storytelling should be empathetic, human, and unique.

"There was a gap for a lot of companies. They didn’t know how to tell their story. [...] But it’s also allowed companies to take a stand and to show empathy through their storytelling and their narrative...not to just add to the buzz, but to add something actually unique.”

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SEP 13, 2022 | 30 MINS

Episode 2: Making content count with automated marketing experiences ft. LaToya Shambo and Morgan Short

Reaching core customers in the fastest, most effective way, is the goal. Using personalized marketing experiences through automation is how you’ll get there. Join LaToya Shambo and Morgan Short as they unpack how automation and current martech trends are shaping the future of marketing.

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Episode 3: Reenergize your MarTech strategies with ethical AI ft. Tara DeZao and Michelle Ngome 

Marketing organizations often promote offers and deals to their consumer bases such as a free week of internet service or a discount at your favorite store if you get three friends to join their newsletter. However, in today’s noisy marketplace, consumers aren’t interested in these offers and marketers are struggling to connect in real and genuine ways.

Tara DeZao (Director of Product Marketing in AdTech and Martech for Pegasystems) talks to Jo Richardson about how utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive learning models to achieve real-time and dynamic interactions. This enables marketers to understand consumers as the humans they are, not as static screenshots of something they liked at one moment in time.

"...AI has adaptive and predictive learning and modeling baked in...it can help marketers do really, truly one-to-one personalized engagements.”

Michelle Ngome (Marketing Consultant with Line 25 Consulting and Founder of the African American Marketing Association) believes that if marketing teams make the time and effort to focus on a variety of demographics rather than generalizing large groups of people, they can understand how nuanced individuals can be even though they may share commonalities such as location or social media activities.

"...what effort are you going to put behind yourself and your team to find this other demographic to reach? Because, yes, everyone is on Instagram, everyone is scrolling, but we’re still so siloed...”

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SEP 20, 2022 | 28 MINS

Episode 3: Reenergize your MarTech strategies with ethical AI ft. Tara DeZao and Michelle Ngome

Customers are sick of old marketing strategies. And today’s best marketers aren’t just telling customers they care—they’re putting their MarTech where their mouth is. Join Tara DeZao and Michelle Ngome as they share how you can make the most of MarTech by putting customers first.

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Episode 4: Web 3.0 is brand new virtual territory. Are you prepared? ft. Emily Rose Dallara and Bridget Greenwood

Marketing organizations are always trying to see what’s next on the horizon for technology and how consumers are inevitably going to shift and grow. Enter Web 3.

Web 3 is changing the way we see and understand the marketing landscape where you can build, market, and sell in a whole new way. In this episode, Jo Richardson and our guest speakers talk about what Web 3 does and how both organizations and consumers can thrive with it.

Bridget Greenwood (Founder of Bigger Pie) talks about the importance of democratization being at the core of what all marketers do. With the rise of virtual worlds and new generations of tech-savvy users, companies must ensure that their communications and offers are accessible and safe.

“What we choose to do with that technology is really going to be whether or not we are building for a few or are building to democratize access to many more people...we should be building with democratization at the core of what we’re doing.”

Emily Rose Dallara (CMO for SL2 Capital and Advisor for Life Ties) emphasizes the importance of building genuine communities and genuine products for Web 3. Emily is building out a metaverse with a gamified racing component. This virtual experience enables users to buy and build their own cars, compete with others, and buy land for racing events. This subversive experience, and others across Web 3, are focused on providing as much as possible for all types of participants.

"Web 3 marketing is really about community building, and it’s about ownership.”

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SEP 27, 2022 | 25 MINS

Episode 4: Web 3.0 is brand new virtual territory. Are you prepared? ft. Emily Rose Dallara and Bridget Greenwood

Web 3.0 is a more immersive, community-centric internet where you can build and sell in entirely new ways. And it’s here. Learn all the ways the internet is evolving and discover the many opportunities brands have to capitalize on this new virtual territory.

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Bold stories. Future focused.

When business changes, it challenges us – and necessarily so. Listen in as our hosts uncover what success looks like when innovative minds rise to new challenges and excel in the face of change.


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Paula White-Jennings, is a creatively-driven and organized professional brand marketer with experience in marketing and brand strategy alike. Paula is also the producer of Pega’s successful podcast, “Bold stories. Future focused.” Maintaining her passion for being a change agent, Paula is a founding member of the Black@Pega Employee Resource Group and has spent the past year and a half building out their social impact footprint within the surrounding communities.

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David Steuer Managing Director in Accenture

Mr. Steuer is a Managing Director in Accenture. He leads Accenture Technology Practices across omnichannel personalization, low code, and process automation. He has more than 25 years of experience building technology and business solutions in marketing, sales, customer service, and customer experience in large Fortune 500 and government organizations. He has helped establish Accenture’s market leading position in omnichannel personalization and marketing technology and is considered one of their global thought leaders. He has lived and worked in US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. His responsibilities include business development, practice development, technology advisory, and delivery execution impacting hundreds of Accenture's clients across the globe.

Jeremy Woodlee Managing Director at Accenture

Jeremy Woodlee is a digital and internet sales leader with 20+ years of experience with digital advertising and advertising technology. He is a Managing Director at Accenture Song, responsible for the alliance between Accenture and the Google Ads business in North America. He joined the company a year ago from Google, where he spent 11 years as a sales leader on their ad platforms business (fka DoubleClick). He was instrumental in launching and growing their Ad Exchange business into a multi-billion dollar global business. He also managed the Google ad platforms partner program, growing another multi-billion dollar media business for Google. Prior, he worked at the Rubicon Project (now knows as Magnite), the Los Angeles Times, the Tribune Company, Cars.com, and WebMD in product management, operations leadership, and sales roles. His passion in the business world is building scaled, multi-billion dollar technology sales from small beginnings. On a personal level, he is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago. A native Nashvillian, he recently re-located his family to Charleston SC from Venice CA. He is a passionate road and gravel cyclist and is a long time Cubs fan, still recovering from the World Series win in 2016.

LaToya Shambo CEO & Founder at Black Girl Digital

LaToya Shambo's passion has always been business, and her interest has always been the Black female audience. The alignment of her purpose both personally and professionally allowed her to birth BLACK GIRL DIGITAL, INC. and InfluencerLINKR (iLINKR), where the mission is to be a solution to equity wage disparities for Black and Multicultural creators in the influencer marketing industry. LaToya has worked in corporate America for over 15 years from agencies, ad networks, to brand direct and while she gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge, nothing has brought her more satisfaction than building her own successful multicultural agency that services the Black and brown creator community. LaToya Shambo is on the rise as a thought leader in the Influencer Marketing space on Diversity & Inclusion. Recently seen in Bloomberg TV, Yahoo Finance, and has been featured in Forbes Culture, Ad Week, Fox Soul, Sheen Magazine, Apple News, and LA Times.

Morgan Short Director of Content and Web Strategy at Vendavo

Morgan Short is the Director of Content and Web Strategy at Vendavo, a global market leader of B2B price management and commercial excellence solutions. Prior to joining Vendavo, Morgan held content roles at B2B technology and customer experience companies like Avtex and Optimizely. She has 8 years of mixed strategy and creative marketing experience working for in-house marketing teams and agencies. Morgan was born and raised in Minnesota and has a B.A. in Journalism with a focus on Strategic Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, listening to live music, traveling, playing sports, and hanging with her bulldog, Chip.

Tara DeZao Director of Product Marketing, AdTech and MarTech at Pegasystems

Tara DeZao, Director of Product Marketing, AdTech and MarTech at Pegasystems has cultivated a successful career in the marketing departments of both startups and Fortune 500 enterprise technology companies like Oracle and EMC. As a subject matter expert in the field of advertising and marketing, she’s an experienced thought leader across written, audio and live mediums. She holds a BA from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Outside of marketing life, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her wife and son and a good, strong cup of coffee. View her work at www.taradezao.com.

Michelle Ngome Fractional Diversity Marketing Consultant – Line 25 Consulting

Michelle Ngome is an award-winning inclusive marketing consultant. As the founder of Line 25 Consulting, she trains and consults with organizations on how to create diverse and inclusive marketing strategies.

She is the recipient of the Houston Business Journal Diversity in Business award with her efforts creating the African American Marketing Association (AAMA) a nonprofit to empower Black marketers. The organization hosts the Marketing For the Culture podcast and Marketing For The Culture Summit.

Michelle has written white papers on The 6 Methods For Your Organization to Become Inclusive and The Language of Inclusion Guide. She has presented to AIG, Ad Age, Content Marketing World,as well as numerous publications including LinkedIn’s Blog, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Emily Rose Dallara
Emily Rose Dallara CMO at SL2 Capital

Emily Rose Dallara is CMO at SL2 Capital, where she leads brand strategy, go-to-market and product marketing across their portfolio companies including Nitro League and Polygen.

She has led marketing teams in crypto and blockchain since 2016. Emily Rose was Global Head of Marketing at Liquid Exchange (now part of FTX) and Head of Product Marketing at OKX Global and AAX Global.

She is Board Advisor to a number of prominent Web3 startups, including Lifetise, and a mentor for female and non-binary junior and senior marketers in The Bigger Pie Web3 community.

Emily Rose is a regular speaker at Web3 industry events and on podcasts including Coinspice and Crypto Canal, on subjects ranging from Web3 marketing, community building, and improving gender diversity in blockchain.

Bridget Greenwood
Bridget Greenwood Founder of The Bigger Pie, Co-founder of the 200Bn Club - Blockchain and emerging tech

Bridget is the founder of The Bigger Pie, an award-winning organisation focused on supporting women in blockchain and emerging tech. As women represent less than 10% of those involved in this sector, we focus our efforts on supporting the incredibly talented and pioneering #womeninblockchain.

Bridget is a firm believer of having more women involved with the design, development and deployment and decommissioning of tech solutions.

Bridget has worked with different actors in the blockchain economy since 2017, both retail facing and servicing institutional clients, gaining an insight into the market place, challenges, pitfalls, regulation and breadth of projects and businesses in this rapidly evolving space.

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