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Podcast Recap: Hyperautomation

Paula White-Jennings ,
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What is hyperautomation and how does it impacting the way we work? This exciting technology combines various automation tools into a toolkit of powerful intelligent automation (IA) capabilities, such as robotic process automation (RPA), case management, low-code app development, and more. Organizations across industries are utilizing hyperautomation “toolkits” to transform manual business processes for faster outcomes at scale.

Hyperautomation is changing the way organizations across industries and around the world get work done. Season 2 of the Pega podcast, Bold stories. Future focused., covers unique insights and stories into how hyperautomation is changing the way people work while also enabling people to collaborate better than ever before.  Let’s dive into some of the interesting topics that came up during the season you may have missed:

Episode 2: How hyperautomation aims to augment our workforce for the better featuring Lila Benhammou and Francis Carden

James Dodkins (Customer Experience Evangelist, Pega) spoke with Lila Benhammou (CEO, Humans 4 Help) and Francis Carden (VP, Digital Automation and Robotics, Pega) about their experiences with hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation is a powerful tool that can transform how businesses function through automation. However, Lila Benhammou also advised that businesses need to be thoughtful and strategic about how and when to apply automation.

“You can’t automate what you don’t know what’s going to bring revenue to your company. Because I would say there are a lot of companies that just start with the automation because it can bring a lot of promises on the paper. However, for the implementation, you have to be careful about the way you are going to choose your processes first.”

And, if you feel that even the most outdated organizations cannot benefit from this new wave of technology, think again. Francis Carden explains that digital transformation is achievable and that businesses that don’t utilize hyperautomation will lose out to competitors.

“I’ve seen organizations go from being a true, big, monolithic, analog company into a digital company in very short order, and that’s is accelerating. And if you don’t do that, your competitors are, and you would just lose out.”

Check out the full episode to hear more from Lila and Francis as they talk about their career growth, hyperautomation use cases, and more:

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September 21, 2021 | 25 mins

Ep. 2: How hyperautomation aims to augment our workforce for the better ft. Lila Benhammou and Francis Carden

Hyperautomation is already making smarter work possible. Just ask Lila Benhammou, CEO of Humans 4 Help, or Francis Carden, VP of Digital Automation and Robotics at Pega. Listen as they talk about the role that automation can play as we continue to evolve how we work.

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Episode 3, Tech outsiders and the breakthrough of hyperautomation featuring Rizel Scarlett and Sidney Madison Prescott

Jo Richardson (Director, Corporate Communications, Pega) spoke with Rizel Scarlett (Director of Curriculum and Engagement, G{Code} House) and Sidney Madison Prescott (Global Intelligent Automation Leader, Spotify) about their origins and experiences as tech outsiders paving the way for others via hyperautomation solutions.

For Sidney, her “tech outsider” perspective was a key factor for her success and growth throughout her career because of her unique non-technical perspective:

“…in terms of my background, almost being an outsider helped me come in with less preconceived notions about what it means to an existing workflow and how to optimize that workflow through some sort of automation design.”

Rizel shared her thoughts on improving human experiences and collaboration in the work place through automation tools. She sees hyperautomation as a way to create new work opportunities and skill sets rather than making replacing humans completely:

“A lot of technology they’re making nowadays, it’s like, “Oh, we might not need cashiers anymore, because we have this little automatic tool.” But then with that, more jobs are opening up and there are more technical jobs. I think that’s kind of increasing awareness of getting minorities into these positions.”

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how Rizel and Sidney went from being tech outsiders to automation leaders:

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September 28, 2021 | 26 mins

Ep. 3: Tech outsiders and the breakthrough of hyperautomation ft. Rizel Scarlett and Sidney Madison Prescott

Hyperautomation is quickly changing how we work - all while the barrier of entry into the tech space is slowly lowering. Just ask two former tech outsiders who are seeing (and teaching) the effects of digitization firsthand at G-Code House and Spotify.

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Check out the entire podcast series to hear more stories from industry experts and Pega team members!


Bold stories. Future focused.

When business changes, it challenges us – and necessarily so. Listen in as our hosts uncover what success looks like when innovative minds rise to new challenges and excel in the face of change.


Thème: Transformation numérique

À propos de l'auteur

Paula White-Jennings, is a creatively-driven and organized professional brand marketer with experience in marketing and brand strategy alike. Paula is also the producer of Pega’s successful podcast, “Bold stories. Future focused.” Maintaining her passion for being a change agent, Paula is a founding member of the Black@Pega Employee Resource Group and has spent the past year and a half building out their social impact footprint within the surrounding communities.

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Lila Benhammou Headshot
Lila Benhammou CEO of Humans 4 Help

Lila Benhammou is a serial woman entrepreneur passionate about DATA. She dives in the challenges and pitfalls for any organization wanting to tackle data challenges and organization.

She shares a lot of stories about clients she did help on their data journey and shares with us some good tips about how to align processes, upskilling on new skills and embracing technology to serve businesses.

Francis Carden VP, Intelligent Automation and Robotics, Pegasystems

Francis Carden, VP. Intelligent Automation and Robotics, Pegasystems. Francis was a founder of the RPA technology acquired by Pega in 2016 and a speaker, thought leader and evangelist on everything to do with “automation". Since joining Pega, Francis has been proactively involved in the core technology and marketing around the Intelligent Automation space, bringing together stories and insights across the globe. He is actively involved in Pega's leading Intelligent Automation platform which includes many of the latest advances in technology from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, low-code, case management to end to end automation and Robotics. Francis has more than 30 years of experience running multinational technology companies and selling innovative technology all over the world.

Rizel Scarlett Junior Developer Advocate at GitHub

Rizel Scarlett (nee Bobb-Semple) developed a deep passion for leveraging code to create inclusive communities because of her experience with impostor syndrome and being the only Afro-Caribbean woman in the room. After participating in Hack.Diversity, Code2040, and Resilient Coders, programs which assisted her in navigating her non-traditional career path, Rizel felt inspired to help create a safe space to empower women learning to code. Today, she serves as the Director of Curriculum and Engagement at G{Code} House. Additionally, Rizel holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Boston University and works as a Junior Developer Advocate at GitHub. At the time of the interview for Bold stories. Future focused., she was a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Botany, a startup aimed at fostering more collaborative engineering teams.

Sidney Madison Prescott Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify

Sidney Madison Prescott is a keynote speaker, author, and robotics evangelist specializing in the creation of Robotic Process Automation Centers of Excellence for Fortune 250 companies. Sidney heads up the Global Intelligent Automation initiative at music streaming powerhouse Spotify.

Sidney is also a published author. Sidney co-authored the Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Robotic Process Automation using UiPath StudioX: A Citizen Developer’s Guide to Hyperautomation. The book allows readers to build robots using real-world prototypes.

Sidney currently resides in Manhattan’s Upper East Side with her two small dogs, Addison & Grey Sloan. She is an avid snowboarder and SoulCycle fanatic.

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