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Enterprise Work Management

Optimize enterprise work management end-to-end

Optimizing enterprise work management is the key to profitability in a highly competitive business environment. By improving efficiency, driving productivity and reducing costs, the right approach enables organizations to increase quality, improve service and bring new products to market more quickly.

Improving enterprise work management requires sophisticated solutions that can adapt quickly as business opportunities, requirements and technology evolve. That's where Pega can help. With one of the world's most comprehensive and unified business process management (BPM) platforms, Pega simplifies and streamlines workflow by automating processes and closing the gap between strategy and execution.

White Paper

Download Capgemini’s Productivity Study to see how Pega 7 stacks up against Java EE for developing global, feature-rich, and mobile-enabled enterprise applications.

Analyst Report

Pegasystems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Pega 7 Platform.

Enterprise work management with Pega

Pega develops applications for sales, marketing, service and operations that serve Global 2000 customers. Our software streamlines business operations, improves enterprise marketing automation and sales automation, connects you to your customers across channels and enables you to adapt to rapidly changing requirements.

Pega's BPM platform significantly enhances enterprise work management with capabilities that enable you to:

  • Rout work. Pega intelligently routs work to the right people and matches tasks with the most suitable resource, prioritizing and moving items in and out of queues to improve efficiency.
  • Guide actions. Leveraging big data, historical data and event streams, Pega suggests the right action, offer or information in real-time across all channels.
  • Automate tasks. Pega resolves work automatically wherever possible using rules and processes, and intelligently guides action where human involvement is required.
  • Provide context. Pega automatically tailors applications to the business context, making it easier to re-use policies and procedures.
  • Simplify management. Pega's adaptive case management organizes work according to goals, stages and steps rather than transactions and processes, structuring work in ways that everyone can easily understand.

Pega provides an elegant and intuitive user interface that works across channels, and can even be embedded into existing websites and mobile apps.

Get to resolution faster with Pega's enterprise work management platform

The Pega 7 platform includes everything you need to realize significant gains in enterprise work management. With speed that a 6.4 times faster than Java enterprise edition, Pega integrates, automates and proves complex front-and-back office business operations to simplify workflow. Bringing together the people, information, processes and systems required to get work done and reach optimal outcomes, Pega provides end-to-end visibility through customizable dashboards, reports and graphs for real-time tracking of work.

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