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Business performance management

How Pega BPM enables business performance management

As the leading developer of enterprise business process management (BPM) solutions, Pegasystems helps organizations improve productivity, enhance customer loyalty, and generate new business. The Pega business process management suite provides an ideal foundation for the all-important operational dimension of business performance management. With the Pega BPM platform, you can extend business performance management to where “the rubber hits the road”, in your organization’s day-to-day processes, work flows, transactions, and delivery of services.

White Paper

Download Capgemini’s Productivity Study to see how Pega 7 stacks up against Java EE for developing global, feature-rich, and mobile-enabled enterprise applications.

Analyst Report

Pegasystems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Pega 7 Platform.

Pegasystems for end-to-end business performance management

Pegasystems’ BPM business has been growing at twice the rate of the overall BPM market, and our business process management system has been consistently named the industry leader by major analysts. Part of the strength of Pega BPM is the way that the system builds business performance management into your daily operations:

  • Leveraging our service industry partnerships and our own deep experience with business process improvement, Pegasystems extends our BPM platform with industry-specific solution frameworks for the financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, and more. These frameworks reflect industry best practices and help you to build SLAs, KPIs, and other business performance management mechanisms into your business process solutions from the outset.
  • Pega BPM’s integrated business activity monitoring capabilities enable you to monitor and analyze processes, work completed, and work-in-progress in real time. Through dashboards and ad hoc reports you can gauge how well your operations are measuring up to key performance objectives. The system supports real-time analysis by business performance management criteria such as timeliness, throughput, defect rate, and customer satisfaction.
  • For true business performance management, you need to be able not just to monitor and analyze, but also to promptly respond. With Pega business process management software, real-time information about shortcomings against KPIs or SLAs can trigger notifications to appropriate personnel, or where appropriate, automated corrective actions.
  • Effective business performance management entails not only day-to-day operations monitoring and real-time response, but also continuous process improvement based on changing circumstances or new insights. More than any other business process management platform, Pega BPM enables organizational agility by putting business users in control of process creation and improvement, through leading edge features such as automated code generation.

Pegasystems also offers professional business process management services that can help you optimize the performance of current or proposed business processes.

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