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Pega Credit Risk Application Demo Video

Pega Credit Risk application is a rules-driven, situational execution that dynamically adapts the process by customer, product, collateral, geography, entity type, regulation and any other business-defined criteria.


In credit processes, all communications, status updates, and documentation are tracked and managed. This ensures that all decisions and resulting transactions are fully auditable in accordance with risk appetite and regulations. The end-to-end visibility of any application, or review becomes easy with Pega. The full customer lifecycle can be managed and a desired journey can be delivered. Additionally, the guidance and analytics that are brought to life within Pega will help to simplify complex processes. This simplification in guidance provides an improved experience for all internal and external stakeholders during the lending process. With Pega case management and decisioning technology, the bank can create solutions that fit the diverse needs of your specific clients, that are relevant to them, and bring consistent and measurable value.

Pega uses business process and case management to execute guidance from decision strategies that are easy to configure, this is all integrated. Decision management and analytics are embedded in sales automation, customer service, collections, and underwriting processes. We enhance sales automation through well-informed next best action guidance, by bringing data from various sources together, and recommending highly relevant sales plays. The focus is to assist the relationship managers and free up their time. Also, by reusing the same guidance from the decision strategies, Pega can drive self-service experiences. Underpinning all of this are risk models, for example, for probability of default PD, and loss given default LGD, which can be configured in Pega's flexible and auditable platform, fully supporting champion challenger deployments.

These deployments can be in real-time and in batch, including the calculation of economic and regulatory capital numbers and RAROC. Models can be developed in Pega, and/or can be imported from all sorts of analytical environments. Multi-variate analyses, model comparisons, and control over master rating scales are now easy to maintain and built for change. The decision strategies allow for extensive scenario analyses, portfolio simulations, and interactive reporting. Pega brings all this together in one platform, this is key to simplification. Guidance and process execution is combined with the ability to configure credit decision strategies. These can be easily configured to fit any bank's portfolio, and are truly built for change. Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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