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Pega's top blogs 2020

Leanne Russell,
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What topics were people seeking out this year? Not surprisingly, expert insights on the technologies and operational strategies businesses need to survive and thrive in a disruptive environment. Here are 10 of our most popular articles from 2020.

  1. The future is now
    Pega’s Founder and CEO, Alan Trefler, on how the COVID-19 pandemic will bring profound change to business-as-usual.

  2. BPM, RPA, and the intelligent automation future
    With so many different apps and systems, getting work done can be complicated. Learn how intelligent automation optimizes customer journeys and delivers the best outcomes to your customers and employees.

  3. Cloud: Hybrid-tenancy is replacing single and multi-tenancy
    Cloud tenancy decisions are often based on three core metrics: performance, cost, and security. But microservices are changing the conversation.

  4. Applying microservices principles to your business architecture
    Just as microservices build speed, agility, scalability, and resiliency into your enterprise systems, microjourneys help your business iterate faster, respond quicker, recover gracefully, and scale intelligently.

  5. How email bots process thousands of incoming emails - fast
    Customer service email volumes are up. But using AI and intelligent case management to analyze messages and automate actions can help you tackle service volumes and drive outcomes.

  6. Strategies for exceptional customer service during unprecedented times
    The COVID-19 crisis created several customer service challenges. We share strategies your business can implement now to help meet service demands and optimize existing investments.

  7. The secret to sustained low-code success: IT leadership
    Low-code application development is on the rise. Learn why IT leadership is essential to making low code a success.

  8. How hybrid RPA helps scale your digital workforce
    Learn how a hybrid RPA approach helps you scale and maximize ROI.

  9. Why contact centers need asynchronous messaging now more than ever
    Asynchronous and digital channels are helping contact centers quickly handle large volumes of customer inquiries and provide a satisfying digital engagement experience.

  10. Rebuild your ad-tech stack around first-party data and intelligence
    As Google Chrome and other browsers eliminate third-party cookies, digital advertisers must find alternatives compatible with the modern ad ecosystem. Here are 3 steps you can take now to recalibrate your advertising strategy.

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Sobre a autora

Leanne Russell is a writer focused on how technology can help improve outcomes for consumers, workers, organizations, and communities.

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