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Estudo de caso

Cisco oferece atendimento ao cliente de alto nível com a Pega.

  • Ordering process is time-consuming, generic, and outdated
  • Launched a company-wide order automation process powered by Pega Cloud and partner, Accenture
  • Process automation resulted in 40% reduction in change orders

“Migrating to Pega Cloud allowed our DevOps team to focus on digital transformation and optimisation knowing that we had a stable platform which could rapidly scale with the latest features providing the best possible experience for our users globally.”

The Business Issue

Vodafone, a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, operates mobile and fixed networks in 22 countries and partners with mobile networks in 48 more.

The ordering space within Vodafone’s business segment was very complex due to customers seeking bespoke products and experiences across different industries and locations. Orders in this segment are low in volume yet high in value – making it important to simplify and streamline the complex ordering process with automation.

The Solution

In order to streamline and scale global services, Vodafone needed to upgrade its existing solution to version 8.3.2, migrating from client on-prem to Pega Cloud. To reduce operational costs while at the same time improving the operational efficiency, Vodafone Enterprise decided to move the “Global Order Assurance Application” (GOA) from Vodafone on-prem to Pega Cloud.

Project GOA allows teams at Vodafone to gather data around the delivery of orders and make further enhancements to the ordering process. It is a standard product onboarding process that now makes it quicker to onboard new products via a comprehensive product catalogue.

This move enabled teams at Vodafone to focus on the digital transformation of Order Automation knowing that Pega Cloud would provide the best possible performance and resilience for all users. This process launched a single front door approach for placing digital orders, ensuring that all transactions were “right the first time” with “zero touch” involvement. All customers, regardless of their product request or order type, had the same consistent experience and journey.

The Results

By moving to Pega Cloud, Vodafone’s ordering process experienced:

  • 400 VGE orders submitted digitally over the last six months
  • An increase to 85.4% of all digital capable orders submitted digitally
  • A 40% reduction in turnaround time for IPVPN orders
  • A reduction in cycle time and revenue leakage
  • The ability to place orders in bulk
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