Pega for Government

Modernize your organization and transform the constituent experience.

Fuel omni-channel constituent engagement

Strengthen relationships. Drive better outcomes.

The key to delivering the best constituent outcomes? Relationship building. Your citizens want you to know them. And they want you to know exactly what they need – before they even need it. 

Pega makes this happen. AI-powered insights allow you to deliver the right services for each citizen, at exactly the right moment. And omni-channel capabilities empower you to connect with your constituents wherever they happen to be. On the phone. On live chat. On channels that don’t even exist yet. 

That’s what it takes to deliver true end-to-end service. And that’s what it means to nurture meaningful agency-constituent relationships.

The Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS)

Case Study

Engage today

Learn how the Texas County & District Retirement System delivers optimal citizen services.

Pega for court management

Case Study

Modern Case Management

Learn how New Jersey Courts modernized its courts case management legacy systems.

Power intelligent case management

Focus on outcomes. Not your tech.

Are your labor-intensive processes and aging legacy systems stopping you from meeting the needs of your constituents?

Pega makes things simple. Our innovative case management – with advanced mobile and integration capabilities – automates your work, drives omni-channel service, and empowers you to seamlessly anticipate your citizens’ needs. Every single time.

So you can spend more time driving better outcomes, and less time sweating about your tech.

Rapidly respond to change

Modernize fast. Stay ahead.

Regulations fluctuate. Legislation shifts. And you need a platform that can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

With Pega, you can keep up with the pace of change. Fast. Our low-code, business and IT-friendly visual model for application development empowers you to dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of your app delivery – no matter how complex the project. 

So you can keep up with industry shifts and drive powerful outcomes for your citizens. The easy way.

Case Study

React and act

See how California Franchise Tax board responds to changing laws and regulations.

Insurance preview card image

Case Study

Powering Licensing with Pega

Pega’s solution for California Department of Public Health starts with an agile, future-proof platform.

Modernize your agency enterprise

Streamlined. Smart. Better than COTS.

Ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance is critical. But if you’re turning to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems – which are difficult to modify ¬– you’ll end up spending billions just trying to keep up.

With Pega, you can rapidly deploy highly automated applications – in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional COTS.

You can design your applications the way you want to work, and not the other way around. Oh, and you can smash operational silos by connecting data and systems too – all while improving efficiency. Simple.

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