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Business process

A business process is a compilation of activities that are performed to achieve a specific business goal such as the development of a service or product for one or more customers. In any organization, there is at least one business process driving its operations or management. Without business processes, an organization cannot function effectively to meet its business goals.

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Analyst Report

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Business process types

The main goals of business processes are to increase customer value and reduce costs for an organization. An effective business process typically spans across functional teams in an organization. It reaches across structures in an organization to achieve its designed objectives. Generally, business processes can be classified into three types:

  • Core business processes: These processes contribute to the core business of providing value to customers. Examples where these processes exist are in areas of marketing, sales, and manufacturing. These processes are also known as operational processes.
  • Organization Management processes: These processes govern the operation of a business. Corporate planning, strategy, and governance are areas where these processes work.
  • Supporting processes: Processes of this type provide support to the core processes. Examples of these processes can be found in accounting, technical support, and human resources.

Business process management and automation

For a business to be a leading-edge digital enterprise, automation of business processes is essential. Business management software such as business process management (BPM) software and customer relationship management system software help to automate business processes in a digital enterprise by driving and directing interactions between various participants and systems in each business process.

Pegasystems’ Better Busines Software® offers a full range of business management software solutions for enterprises. Our suite of products include:

  • BPM software: Pega BPM provides industry-leading features to automate business processes. It offers intuitive design tools, a powerful and flexible business rules engine, and standards-based user interfaces all with enterprise-level scalability.
  • Sales force automation software: Part of the Pega CRM system solution, Pega SFA is a class-leading sales force automation solution that covers customer touch-points over the entire sales cycle from prospecting to fulfillment. It uses innovative technology and approaches like Next-Best-Action Marketing to enable customer-centric interactions resulting in quicker sales, more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and greater customer retention.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Built on our BPM and CRM platforms, Pega offers targeted solutions for a range of industries like finance, insurance, healthcare, government, energy, manufacturing, and communications. In the insurance industry for example, our predictive analytics for insurance solution helps to maximize the value of customer relationships and to detect and mitgate fraud.

Find out more about how Pega can help your organization increase ROI and efficiency in each business process in your organization.