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Optimizing the Customer Journey with Next Best Action Analytics

Today’s connected customer chooses their own path. They interact on their own terms, flow across channels, and take unpredictable routes to a fluid destination. They expect brands to “know” them, even as they head in a new direction.

You can’t push the connected customer down a pre-determined path – instead, you need to flow with them – adapting in real-time to provide a relevant, timely, and consistent experience.

Optimizing the Customer Journey with Next-Best-Action Analytics

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Businesses spend tremendous time and resources attempting to optimize the customer journey. They want to understand their customer's path to purchase, learn which channels and offers are most effective by stage, and understand where individuals get stuck and drop off the grid completely. Many organizations try to build the perfect journey, to script out a seamless experience, eliminating all of the noise and distraction disrupting the customer purchase process. But their real challenge centers around the customer, not the workflow.

Today's connected customer chooses their own path. They interact with the brand on their own terms, flow across channels, shift preferences, and take unpredictable routes to a fluid destination. They expect the brand to understand them, even as they advance along hundreds of possible paths at the same time. For this reason, brands that attempt to build rigid journeys quickly find they're scripting a journey to nowhere.

Unfortunately, most journey software employs the use of static templates and visualizations, and attempts to force customers down a defined path, while ignoring that individual's changing needs. It fails to seamlessly connect all customer touchpoints, and requires dozens of complex strategies, which break down when the customer does something unexpected.

With Pega, our unified platform enables dynamic journeys that flow with the customer, adapting its scale across your marketing, sales, and service programs. These journeys enable a relevant, timely, and consistent experience, matching the context of the customer's situation. Whether an interaction is inbound or outbound, owned or paid, Pega prescribes a next best action, optimized for the individual, the journey, and the moment.

Your organization will utilize Pega marketing and its customer Decision Hub to connect every channel and touchpoint in real time, combining CRM information with big data sources from across the enterprise. Journey visualization tools will uncover how customers interact with their brand, isolating key events and actions, defining stages, and analyzing customer flow between touchpoints. Attribution analytics will identify the most effective offers and channels for each stage of the journey, removing roadblocks that may disrupt the experience, cause customers to disengage, or lead to churn. And as business or customer needs change, you can quickly build and deploy new journey strategies. The Next Best Action Designer puts your business users in control, allowing them to design from the top down with business language rather than code.

Customer journeys are dynamic and constantly changing. Pega's predictive and machine learning analytics enable organizations to achieve deep learnings at scale. As the software gathers data, it becomes more intelligent, so every interaction is data driven and informed.

At Pega, we know that the customer owns the journey, but it's your job to enable an amazing experience. The connected customer is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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