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Predict What's Ahead Through Tracking the Past

How an enterprise sells is as important as what it sells. Sales is a process and Pega has a history of helping leading global companies optimize their processes. Predictive analytics, next-best-action guided selling and multi-channel delivery, ensure time to cash is faster. Selling through partner channels is easier. Across products, regions, channels and lines of business.


The quarter is over, and you're taking a step back to look at your sales results. It's familiar ground. How can your sales people be more effective? How do you empower a team that mixes employees, partners, and independent resellers? How can you predict what's ahead and not just track the past? Maybe it's time for something new. Pega sales and onboarding applications ensure that how an enterprise sales is as important as what it sells.

Sales is a process, and Pega has a history of helping leading global companies execute processes. This attention to the "how" makes sales organizations more effective. Getting through partner channels is easier. Time to cash is faster. People and systems are connected to win deals and onboard new customers. Pega's next best action recommendations guide reps and agents to take the right action based on a customer's needs at that point in the sales cycle. Recommendations appear on any device. Every rep becomes an expert armed with the right answer, even in the most complex situations.

For sales managers, data and analytics predict which deals are likely to close and which reps need help. Collaboration tools ensure that reps and managers know when and how to help each other. Pega gives you build in agility to adapt to change across products, regions, channels, and lines of business. Using Pega, one of the world's leading insurers supports almost 200,000 independent agents to drive cross-selling and up-selling, improving agent productivity.

For IT teams, Pega easily integrates with existing systems. It helps you get more from those systems by accelerating new sales initiatives and onboarding new customers more effectively. Because Pega runs on the cloud, in your data centers, or as a hybrid of both, you can deploy the way you want. You've taken a step back. Welcome to the new way forward. Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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