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Estes Express streamlines ops with low-code, rapid deployment

Learn how Estes Express increased visibility and improved its freight operations--all with the use of Pega's low-code platform.


Our customers expect us to be able to adapt quickly. So it used to be okay to just get the freight there when you said you would, in good condition. But now our customers really wanna know that whole life cycle of the freight. We get a lot of phone calls about that every day, thousands of them. So the thing that impressed us all about Pega was, one, its scale. We do almost 50,000 pickups and deliveries a day. So that's a lot of load on any system. Really, Pega met all our needs, and in addition to that, the low-code and the quick deployment is critical. We built our mobile app in five months and deployed it in our first pilot, which was normally, a project like that takes a year and a half for us. So it's pretty impressive. Being able to keep that in sync, moving quickly, the dispatcher seeing the updates on his screen at the terminal as the drivers are arriving, as they're picking up freight, as they're delivering freight.

So all that's huge. I mean, that visibility is tremendous. Our customer service will now have visibility real time or near real time into where that freight is and if it was just delivered. There's a huge excitement in our company right now around the Pega platform, and it's because the results are there. Pega is now starting to branch out and make itself more available to a wider variety of customer types and business verticals, which is a good thing. We can go into a legacy system and start picking apart pieces of it, moving those onto different types of platforms. That's not a big bang. You can't do that in one year, replace 35 years worth of code. But this shows that we can start going down that progress and making that happen. So it is pretty cool. Pega's the right platform for it.


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