Case Study

Estes freight and logistics advances speed and agility with Pega

  • Improved dispatcher and driver engagement and productivity
  • Reduced driver dwell time and improved driver experience
  • Improved customer experience
“The first thing that impressed us about Pega was its scale. We do almost 50,000 pickups and deliveries a day - and that is a lot of load for any system."

The Business Issue

Before Pega, drivers relied on cab-mounted devices and phone calls to receive and manage daily work, while dispatchers managed pickup and delivery routes with a mix of systems and manual processes. Estes needed a better way to manage complex freight rating and over 20 million business rules – a system that would facilitate reuse and speed and allow it to keep pace with its customers’ growing needs.

The Solution

Giving business users a voice in their digital transformation, Estes has seen both business results and real cultural transformation. The team developed a solution that focused on current, real-world business challenges from dispatch to delivery. The new Pickup and Delivery Mobile Application increased visibility to dispatchers and back-office personnel – improving freight movement planning to take place earlier. The application gives near real-time notification capabilities, enhancing customer service while also improving the driver experience. 

The Results

Pega provided Estes with platform that exponentially sped up and improved application development and change agility. They wrote their first mobile app in 5 months, a task that used to take 1.5 years.  Pega’s ability to scale to handle their high volume, fast paced business was critical, and now customer service has real-time visibility into where the freight is and if it has been delivered.  Both employee and customer satisfaction is greatly improved. 

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