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Customer Engagement

Improve customer engagement with Pega

Customer engagement is more challenging than ever today. Customers expect their interaction with your brand to be personalized and relevant to their needs. They want a consistent experience across all channels, and for all messages and communication to demonstrate a keen awareness of context. Ultimately, every customer wants to be treated as if they were your most important customer.

With so much technology available – from customer engagement software to customer experience analytics – one would think that delivering this kind of experience would be easy. But too often these solutions are too complex, expensive or out-of-date to be helpful. Most solutions are also unable to integrate the organizational silos of information required to deliver exceptional customer engagement across all channels.

Pega Marketing is different. Built on the unified, fast and highly scalable Pega 7 platform, Pega Marketing eliminates the complexity of customer engagement and omni-channel communication. With Pega, you can easily deliver on the promise of personalized experiences, providing consistent messaging and relevant offers to increase value through every aspect of a customer's journey.


Pega provides an always-on, digital customer brain.

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State-of-the-art tools for customer engagement

Pega Marketing uses sophisticated customer analytics and business rules in real time, applying predictive intelligence to the context of each customer interaction. With your business goals in mind, Pega recommends the most relevant next action, offer, channel, content and timing, delivering personalized interactions and consistent messaging throughout each customer's journey. With Pega, you can design, implement, execute, measure and refine your customer experience management strategies to increase response and conversion rates as well as profitability and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for customer engagement

With Pega you can:

  • Enable contextual conversations. Pega lets you engage with customers with intelligence and relevance on their terms, building trust with consistent, personalized and contextual communication.
  • Respond in real time. Pega can consume streaming data, track patterns and trigger actions on the right channel in real time, enabling you to take the next best action based on your marketing strategies.
  • Understand customer behavior. Using predictive analytics and easy-to-use visual segments, Pega lets you pick the right variables and profiles and change them dynamically over time based on customer behavior.
  • Communicate across channels. Pega lets you easily extend decisions across mobile, email, traditional mail, social media and other channels.
  • Optimize mobile channels. With Pega you can deliver offers and coupons with Apple Passbook™ and create location-based offers that are defined within geo-fencing triggers.

Learn more about enhancing customer engagement with Pega, and about Pega's client lifecycle management and customer experience management software.