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Build for Change: Real-Time, Omni-Channel AI

Pega AI delivers the right action at every customer touch by crunching millions of data points in real time. Design strategies visually, combining predictive analytics, machine learning, and traditional business rules. Stay consistent across channels. And optimize every interaction for both experience and value.


This is your customer. You want him to buy your products, use your services, and have a great experience, and your competitors want the same thing. To compete, you have to take the right action at every customer touch, ensuring that each conversation delivers exactly the right message, offer, and level of service. You want to provide a great experience while maximizing the customer's value to your organization.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, can help if you can get past the hype. Pega has been using AI to create real business value for years, driving realtime decisions that deliver awesome engagement on any channel, and improving experiences for over 1.5 billion customers across the globe.

Pega's omnichannel AI delivers the right action at every customer touch by crunching millions of data points in realtime. Make an offer, initiate a retention plan, predict a problem before it happens. Every decision generates the next best action for your customer and your business.

Pega's AI is built for business people, not scientists or developers. They designed visual decision strategies that combine predictive analytics, algorithms developed through mining large sets of data, adaptive analytics, machine learning algorithms that improve with each interaction, and traditional ,business rules that allow users to prioritize and arbitrate between decisions.

Pega uses the strategy to look across all the potential actions you may take with a customer. Make an offer, initiate a retention plan, open a service case, place an ad, and ensure that exactly the right action is taken at every interaction. It works across all channels to provide a consistent experience in a store, on the phone, on the web, mobile, with a chat bot, or just some crazy tech that hasn't even been invented yet.

Pega connects to streams like mobile locations or network events to detect patterns and drive the next best action proactively. And strategies are completed contextual. Any change in the customer's context, a click, a reply, a location change, a tweet, will trigger the next best action, so you can really listen to your customers and act accordingly.

Pega's realtime omnichannel AI puts the power in your hands so you can optimize every customer interaction for experience and value. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


Thème: IA et prise de décision

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