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Build for Change: A New Era of Customer Engagement

In today’s digital era, your business has a new type of customer. They are constantly connected, expecting immediate gratification and experiences that are frictionless and focused on their needs, not yours. Pega provides an always-on, digital customer brain that allows you to put your customer squarely in the center of your business across marketing, sales and service interactions. Powered by predictive analytics and AI, this brain senses your customers’ moments of need, and allows you to reach out with real-time relevance. The result is genuine engagement that delights your customers and drives your bottom line.


In today's digital era, your business has a new customer. She is constantly connected, expects immediate gratification and experiences that are easy, free from friction and focused upon her needs not yours. Meanwhile, digital lead brands are raising the bar for your experience with each passing day. Why is it so hard to keep up? The CRM systems that were sold turned out to be systems for customer record management, not relationship. In most cases, little more than a glorified Rolodex. The problem is that the customer journey of today's connected customer is too complex and moves too fast. It touches not just marketing, but also sales, service, and even operational functions. And your customer is in the driver's seat not your business.

Meanwhile, your channels, data, and business functions alike remain siloed and disjointed. Keeping the dream of a connected and frictionless customer journey at bay. This makes it evermore difficult to serve up the engaging experiences that your customers now demand.

Finally, with Pega there's a new approach. This comes in the form of an always on digital customer brain that allows you to put the customer squarely in the center of your business. Powered by predictive analytics and proven AI, this brain senses your customers moments of need and always knows your customers state along their journey. It then informs each of your systems, touch points, and customer facing employees as to the right action to take at any given moment in time.

With the Pega suite, powered by Pega customer decision hub, it's like every customer facing employee and each customer now has their own wing man, guiding them at every step, looking ahead for what's coming up next. Marketers are guided to the right actions that will produce engagement at an individual level. Sales reps are guided to which opportunities and actions to focus on to optimize revenue and productivity. CSRs are guided during real time interactions as to the next best action to take for each individual customer to drive the greatest customer lifetime value. And most importantly of all, for your customer. Now you can actually sense moments of need as they happen and automatically reach out with real time relevance.

And with Pega, your gains are fast. Clients are often able to get up and running in less than 90 days. Pega has completely changed the game in the world of customer engagement. So you can change the game in yours. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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