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Customer Experience Analytics

Strengthen relationships with customer experience analytics

Customer experience analytics are the key to consistently providing customers with a memorable experience and strengthening customer relationships.

Customers want to be delighted every time they interact with your brand. That means making things easy for them by personalizing messaging and offers, delivering relevant content, and interacting with them as if they were your only patron. It means meeting them on any channel they choose and following them across channels without missing a beat.

Delivering that kind of experience requires customer management software with sophisticated customer explains analytics. Most CRM systems today aren’t up to the task, lacking the power to deliver real-time information about customers and the flexibility for omni-channel communication.

Pega is different. Our customer management platform features best-of-breed customer experience analytics that let you evaluate each customer interaction and take the next best action to ensure an exceptional customer experience every time.


What's inside the always-on brain? Customers today expect companies to either “just get it” or get lost. Learn why firms must aspire to win over fickle and demanding consumers.

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For businesses today, the promise of AI is to improve customer engagement through better anticipating customer needs and optimizing work to provide better, faster, and more effective customer experience.

Customer experience analytics from Pega

Pega Marketing lets you deliver on the promise of personalized customer engagements to increase lifetime value and create superior experiences at every step of the customer’s journey.

Pega Marketing combines sophisticated customer experience analytics and business rules in real time to understand a customer’s need or desire, balance it against your business goals, and dynamically recommend the most relevant action, offer, content or fulfillment channel.

With Pega, you can easily provide consistent omni-channel communications with contextual messaging, branding and nurturing to strengthen customer relationships.

Benefits of superior customer experience analytics

Pega enable you to:

  • Create omni-channel engagement strategies that use customer experience analytics to analyze customer history and different customizable attributes to select the best offer, specific treatment, optimal time and best channel for interacting with customers and prospects.
  • Simulate complex customer strategies and test their potential impact before putting them into production.
  • Apply predictive modeling and intelligence to accurately anticipate customer behavior, including credit risk, offer acceptance and customer churn.
  • Personalize customer strategies in real time with exclusive machine learning algorithms that refine the relevancy and timeliness of each offer or action.
  • Work with easy-to-use visual segments to pick the right variables and profiles and dynamically change them over time based on behavior customers.
  • Monitor and track marketing effectiveness across all channels, segments and products using a visual dashboard reporting.

Learn more about customer experience analytics from Pega, and about Pega solutions for customer onboarding software and a customer service platform.