Case Study

Integrated quality management system supports continuous improvement

  • Created a digital transformation platform that serves as a best-in-class quality management foundation for the future

  • Integrated quality process from end to end – across data, function, system, and process silos

  • Sped up the detection and resolution of product problems

“Our mission is to “Build In Quality” from the start – and to never pass poor quality on to the next step in the process.”

Senior Engineer – Quality Lifecycle Management, North America Manufacturing, Top-ranked automaker

The Business Issue

This top automaker needed to strengthen its approach to managing the quality of its suppliers’ parts and raw materials from end to end – starting with pre-production planning all the way through to quality assurance and quality control.

Their vision was to eliminate operational silos and create a truly integrated, closed-loop quality system. They took a modular approach to process improvement, digitizing the over 20 interconnected processes over time – to deliver immediate results, follow a manageable roadmap over the long-term, and avoid the risks of a big bang development approach.

The Solution

Pega’s no-code platform facilitated the integration of data and processes – along with rapid deployments on the cloud – for over 7,000 users and 700,000 parts. Portals, dashboards, data visualizations, and out-of-the-box reporting capabilities now give end users complete visibility into the work that needs to be done. Finally, the platform ensures changes can be made quickly and easily by citizen developers to future-proof the business and maximize the technology investment.

Key benefits of the automaker’s new quality management system include: better controls over new part introductions; earlier detection of non-conformance; more proactive notifications to suppliers; better defect containment strategies; and continuous improvement to operational processes.

The Results

  • Reduced time between issue detection and assignment for responsibility by 40%
  • Increased visibility and collaboration across corporate quality, manufacturing locations, individual production lines, and suppliers
  • Deployed a stable, scalable platform that systematically deploys applications and capabilities to drive superior business outcomes
  • Reinforced the organizational culture and quality-first mindset with internal and external customers and suppliers

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