Case Study

Print and media company accelerates cash flow and saves $4.5M each year

  • Reduced the billing cycle time from 14 to 2 days, resulting in a savings of $4.5M each year

  • Increased customer orders, first pass, and throughput yields

  • Reduced variations among agents’ processing of orders

"We are averaging two days now from production to invoicing and customers are paying us in an average of four days."

CIO, Global Print and Media Company

The Business Issue

In recent years, this growing global print and media company had seen the number of systems supporting its operations increase exponentially, resulting in duplicate solutions and information silos. Sales, service, and production teams had to manually pull customer information from siloed systems to produce a customer order. Orders were often placed with inaccurate client specifications, incorrect pricing, or missing customer approval. In aggregate, customer order exceptions, duplications, omissions, and manual errors contributed to an average customer billing cycle time of 14 days.

The Solution

The Pega team delivered a cloud-based order management solution ensuring order validation, customer acceptance criteria, and timely billing. Manual processes spanning legacy systems were digitized, giving sales, service, and production groups a common interface to track and process orders across the order lifecycle. Pega was chosen for its unified platform that satisfies current requirements and competitively positions the company for the changes ahead.

The Results

Through the execution of the order to cash solution, the customer was able to systematically meet compliance requirements and improve customer service. Benefits of the Pega solution include:

  • Reduced average billing cycle times from 14 to 2 days, resulting in a savings of $4.5M each year.
  • Increased customer orders’ first pass and throughput yields.
  • Reduced variations among agents’ processing of orders.
  • Facilitated practice sharing.
  • Provided a scalable framework positioned for future changes.

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