Pega Customer Service For Healthcare

Pega Customer Service for Healthcare delivers a unified platform for personalizing interactions, eliminating channel barriers, and automating processes. The solution’s built-in omni-channel capabilities let you engage across mobile, social media, live chat, co-browsing, web self-service, or a phone call. While its packaged healthcare capabilities make every agent a healthcare service expert.

Use the highest-rated customer service application for the enterprise to leverage the science of customer engagement and create experiences that improve health and operational outcomes. It provides intelligent, step-by-step guidance and dynamically identifies and prompts service opportunities, while simplifying the user experience. Go beyond data and deliver a satisfying, efficient and consistent experience with every interaction and across any channel for your customers and business partners. Leveraging Customer Service for Healthcare, Pega’s award-winning customers deliver satisfying, efficient and accurate customer service to their connected members and providers.


Pega Customer Service for Healthcare is CRM evolved. Delivering an enterprise platform across sales, marketing, service, and care management. The proven enterprise CRM for Healthcare, Pega provides insights for high touch engagements with patients, providers, members and prospects.

With Pega, you can anticipate, automate, and intelligently guide each customer interaction to best meet your customer's needs, while you consistently deliver your unique brand of human service experience.

Pega anticipates customer needs and opportunities with intelligent scripting, suggested next best action with predictive analytics to dynamically identify and prompt actions for a great customer experience. Pega automates to improve the efficiency of your healthcare organization, dependably prioritizing, routing, and delivering.

Pega Customer Service for Healthcare is the CRM platform for industry leading healthcare organizations. Intelligently guiding staff and customers through complex cases while supporting collaboration between business and IT. And speed to value with seamless omni-channel engagement across mobile, social, chat and co-browse. It's robust prepackaged healthcare capabilities allow your associates to be customer service experts for your patients, your providers, your members, as well as your prospects. All supported from a unified suite of applications.

Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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