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iBestuur: The similarity between My ING and MijnOverheid

The process of opening a young person's account at ING has been cut from 28 questions to four clicks. How do you ensure that all services are actually provided on the digital channel and that at the same time things work more efficiently? The Dutch government wants this to be the case for everyone in 2017 and still has a great deal of work to do on it. But there is one industry that already has experience with this, namely banking. Merijn Rijsdijk, head of product management Consumer Loans at ING, knows all about this. Because the banks and the government don't differ all that much in this respect. "Banks are information-intensive businesses with complex processes that know a great deal about the customer." But just as for the government, the challenge is to utilize this customer data in distributed IT systems in contacts with customers.

Now anyone who logs in to My ING can see where the trend can lead. At a glance, customers can see all their bills, and credit card and mortgage details, without having to log in anew for every product. The comparison with MijnOverheid is non-negotiable.


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