Case Study

HSBC Australia: Unifying customer experiences

  • 3 month go-live with internet banking
  • 300 next-best-actions evaluated in real time
  • Unified experiences across online, in-branch, contact center, SMS, email, & direct mail

“We chose Pega because of its unique AI capabilities. They’ve made omnichannel decisioning really quite easy.”

Fabian Abacum Head of Data, Analytics, & Decisioning, HBSC Australia

The Business Issue

HSBC Australia was founded in 1965 as part of the HSBC Group. They offer a range of products from savings & checking accounts, to online banking, to credit cards, home loans and more – and currently have 44 office around Australia.

HSBC Australia’s wanted to transform from “old school” marketing – creating segments and blasting customers. In this model, they were constantly pushing information and offers to customers without regard for their actual context and circumstances.

Since the communications were irrelevant and didn’t add any value HSBC Australia’s customers started to ignore them. They needed a major marketing shift.

The Solution

With Pega, HSBC Australia was able to move to a new marketing model where customer communication is consistent across all channels.

Wherever the customer chooses to interact, HSBC Australia uses Pega’s Customer Decision Hub to ensure they are seeing and hearing the same thing – but, more importantly that that is the most appropriate thing for them in the given moment.

In just three months, HSBC Australia went live with online banking – including 20 next-best-actions across sales, service, and retention.

Since the online banking launch, they have gone live in five other channels: in-branch, the contact center, SMS, email and direct mail with approximately 300 next-best-actions

In addition, HSBC Australia plans to go live with their mobile app and chat bot by the end of 2019.

The Results

By unifying the customer experience, HSBC Australia has:

  • Increased profit
  • Optimized their 360-degree view with real-time data
  • Delivered YoY incremental ROI

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