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Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics applies advanced computational techniques to ever-growing corporate and public data inventories to gain insight into consumer interests, attitudes, and behavior. Particularly in intensely competitive industries like communications and media services, effective use of marketing analytics can be a key driver of revenue growth and profitability.


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In practice, however, the value of marketing analytics is too often limited by its being overly oriented toward the past, and not connected directly enough to day-to-day business decisions and activities. The best use of marketing analytics is to use it predictively, and in a way that quickly—or better yet, immediately—operationalizes the analytics. This is what Pega does.

Marketing Analytics as Business Process Driver

Pegasystems is a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for communications service providers and other industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, and more. Pega CRM platforms are unique in their ability to integrate with diverse data sources, generate real-time marketing analytics from the data, feed the analytics into a sophisticated business rules and decisioning engine, and push the decisions out to automated and semi-automated marketing, sales, and service processes.

Built on the Pega CRM platform, Pega’s Next-Best-Action marketing solutions perform and operationalize two types of marketing analytics:

  • Predictive analytics enable marketers to accurately anticipate consumer behaviors and to automatically present each customer or prospect with just the right offer, at just the right time, through any channel whether it’s the call center, social media, mobile, or a Web self-service portal.
  • Adaptive analytics allow for real-time marketing optimization as customer-specific strategies are automatically adapted in response to in-progress customer interactions.

For both types of marketing analytics, Pega puts marketers in direct control of analytics operationalization by making it easy to create and execute automated marketing, sales, and service processes without any coding.

Benefits of Operationalized Marketing Analytics

By using Pega technology to directly integrate marketing analytics with customer-facing business processes in real time, some of the world’s largest communications service providers have experienced rapid and measurable benefits including:

  • Higher rates of marketing offer acceptance.
  • Increased ARPU and customer lifetime value.
  • Reduced churn, resulting from Pega’s support for highly personalized churn management strategies that boost customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Reduced order fallout and faster order cycle times as order management systems are automated from end-to-end.

Learn more about how Pega can help your enterprise get maximum value from media analytics.