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Pega Catalyst for Primerica

What’s your digital transformation story? Check out how Pega Catalyst along with Accenture was able to help Primerica and their agents really engage with their customers during their digital transformation. See what Primerica had to say about the Pega Catalyst experience!


In this modern day where everything's gone digital, where you don't really see the face of the person you're interacting with. Primerica's model is really about being on the other side of the kitchen table, from the people that we're trying to help.

Primerica is a financial services company founded in 1977, and we provide financial solutions to our clients, and we do that through our reps.

Some of our agents are school teachers, firemen, policemen. It's really the largest sales force of non-sales people.

Our reps truly care about what people need, and they're not just trying to sell a product.

So really, a lot of our focus at Primerica is how do we help that sales force engage with their clients? What was some of the platforms out there that could really drive that digital transformation? Pega was the one that was the leader.

Working with Accenture, Liquid Studios and Pega Catalyst was just awesome. They wanted to understand us.

It was kind of like that moment when you realize, "Oh my gosh, these guys get it." Absolutely savvy business people that understood all technology is just really about solving a business problem.

It was like a design session, if you will. But really, I hate to say a design session because it was so much more than that.

[Dale] These exercises just get you into a mode where you are thinking creatively, you're thinking about the problem. And before you know it, you're starting to see the result of that thinking. By the end of that two-week period, we had a fully functioning working prototype. You just see your creativity alive on the screen in the hands of users.

I wanted to show our reps we can meet their needs and give them something that they've been wanting for a long time. We did that in 90 days, and we delivered what we call Rep Marketing Center.

Rep Marketing Center has really given our entire field force the ability to spend more time where it matters most, directly in front of our clients.

[Kim] We have gotten feedback from our reps that this is the simplest tool that we've ever given them. They love that they don't have to manage it, right? It's just on autopilot.

So one of the common metrics you'll use is open rate. In industry it's between 10 and 15%. Our metrics are over 40%. People don't need to be trained on Rep Marketing Center, 'cause we did all those design thinking exercises right in the beginning to make sure what we delivered was easy to adopt. It met the business problem we were trying to solve, and we did it in a collaborative way with our partners at Accenture and at Pega.

They have gone above and beyond, and guiding Primerica along this journey to make the best decisions as we've developed this software and implemented this platform.

We've changed the way we speak about value. We've changed the way we think about skills in our IT department. We've changed the way we engage with our business, and that was all kicked off right at the beginning of this journey with Accenture and Pega.


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